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A5 Red Finchley

I have finally finished organizing my A5 Red Finchley. I received this second-hand from a reader (thanks!), but really it’s in such good condition and it still smells lovely, it could almost be new. Either way, it’s still new to me and my first A5. I am loving it.

Since an A5 is too big for me to use for myself and carry it around, it is staying home as the family Filo. It gives me plenty of room to write down everything that needs to be recorded. My husband may actually use it too (though that remains to be seen). Here’s the general set up:

In the front pockets I have general papers and cards that need to be reviewed as some point. I have a couple of articles on how to keep rabbits out of the plants, a jot pad for scribbling notes, two iTunes gift cards and paint chips for when we decide to paint the house. The first section of inserts is a pile of dated business pages which I would love to use but don’t really have a need for. Maybe I can come up with one. But they are there to provid…

Filofax Timeline

I have been hard at work setting up my new A5 Finchley. It’s been taking me a while since I’ve been getting only snippets of time to work on it. I will post a review of how it’s being used and its setup when all is done, accompanied by pictures, of course. One of the lists I’ve created for the A5 is a timeline of my Filofax purchases. So, while I work on my A5 setup and subsequent post, you can read about my Filo acquisitions (date and order are listed to the best of my memory):

June 2007 – Personal Chocolate Domino – birthday gift from friend

February 2008 – Mini Black Domino – purchased from Filofax

April 2008 – Personal Teal Miami – purchased from eBay

May 2008 – Chocolate Classic Slimline – Purchased from Filofax

Summer 2008 – Personal Chocolate Classic – Purchased from Pens & Leather

December 2008 – Personal Blue Finsbury – Purchased from Kate’s Paperie

Winter 2009 – Personal Jade Finchley – Purchased from Pens & Leather

Spring 2009 – Pocket Brown Kendal – Purchased from Pens &am…

Filo of Honor

My Filofax has been very busy these past few weeks. In about two months, my best friend will be getting married. I was chosen as maid of honor. So, many tasks fall to me, especially since I am the only bridesmaid. Therefore, I have list upon list going, some just to serve as reminders and some with more detailed information. Here’s what my Filo has been up to:

In my personal Guildford, I have two lists for this event, both on green note paper since that is the color I have designated for this project. (Of course both of these lists are filed away behind my “Projects” tab.) The first sheet is a simple list of things that need to be done in general: choose a dress, shoes and bag; plan a shower; plan a bachelorette party; find someone to do hair and makeup for the event and go for a trial; make an appointment for a manicure and pedicure; have dress altered; and write a speech.

At this point, most of these items have been completed or are in the process of being completed. If something has…

My Other Passions in Life

Since I started this blog, I have let my creative side flourish just a little bit. I used to have a different blog, several years ago, and it was really for me and three of my friends to read. I really enjoyed it. I have always loved writing. So it seemed fitting when last December I started a blog about my biggest passion – planners and organizing. I have loved doing this. I continue to love it and hope I will continue to keep this blog up and running for a long time to come.

However, I have been itching to tell some new stories lately. Nothing terribly exciting, nothing earth-shattering. Just some additional musings outside of planners and organizing. So, in the future, you may see some new topics here – some that are closely related to the posts I’ve already made and some new ideas. They may be few and far between. But that’s okay – I’ll write when I have a topic in mind and when I think someone may want to read it.

I hope you enjoy them.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Yesterday I emailed Filofax US and asked them to reconsider their decision not to carry the Malden. The response was that they will indeed be carrying that binder soon! It’s due to arrive this fall, probably in October.

I’d like to think my inquiry had something to do with this, but I know better. The wheels were already in motion and I happened to ask at the right time.

I’ll definitely be saving my money between now and then. I’m also very happy that I will not have to pay the UK shipping fees.

Pocket Persuasion – Nullified

As I have mentioned, I have been driving myself nuts with making a decision as to whether I should downsize to a pocket binder or stay with the personal. I have made a decision, my friends. In short, I have decided not to switch. Here is why:

I have been hemming and hawing over this for a couple of weeks. I still love the pocket – the ease with which it is carried mostly, the little but powerful entity that it is. But I just can’t see myself using it. One of my issues with it is that the inserts I like the best and use daily are not available in the pocket size, or if they are, are too small. Yesterday, I went to a store that carries Filofax. I checked out the pocket planners and still I adore them. But in looking at the inserts, I just knew I wouldn’t be able to write in them comfortably. So why even try? The funny thing is, I’ve known this the entire time I had been contemplating the switch. Like with many things, I want it to work and I’m willing to change how I use an item to make …

Pocket Angst

As you know, I have been contemplating the purchase of and downgrade to the pocket size Filo. First, I have to say that I have been thinking about this possibility so much this week. I can’t let it go – should I or shouldn’t I? What are the pros and cons? And if I do, how do I make it work? (You’d think I have an actual list in my planner, but believe it or not, I don’t.) This is the obsessive part of OCD, you see. I do tend to obsess over small things here and there. The big things, I don’t worry about them so much because I don’t have too much control over them. But the little things, I do, and I want to get it just right. Hence, the obsessive thoughts over this minor, minor decision. But I take it all in humor.

My biggest complaint of the possible downsizing is not will there be enough room for all of my information, because I have no doubt that I could indeed put all of my information in one without a problem. No, my biggest issue with the pocket size is the inserts. Currently, I u…