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The Voluptuous Lady Godiva

…And I’m back!What have I been up to since my hiatus?Well, I’ve been having a little bit of an affair…

Like a fine woman, she has curves in all the right places.She is beautiful despite her lack of color and glamour.She has attitude when needed but is also quite and sweet.She’s a little bigger than what I am used to on a daily basis, but she provides me with everything I need.She is exquisite.
And shiny.

Introducing Lady Godiva (name chosen by Zoe -- if you're unfamiliar with the story of the real Lady Godiva, click here), the personal Nude Original.I haven’t purchased a personal binder in a while, attracted to the slimmer compact binders as I am.I’m not usually a fan of patent leather either.But something about this binder’s naked shine attracted me.And then I saw A Pretty Obsession’s video review of this binder.That was the end of me.
So I bit my lip, took a chance, and ordered the binder with the Filofax gift certificate my husband gave me as a birthday present.The rest, as they sa…

Hiatus, Interrupted

I'm interrupting my short hiatus to post a review over at Bagsey.  Head over there to read about my latest bag purchase.

I will return here in a couple of weeks with regular posting.