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Happy Holiday 2013!

This is my last post for 2013.I am taking a two-week hiatus, seeing as we have so much going on.In addition to general last-minute craziness, we have family visiting from out of state, are hosting Christmas Eve dinner, will be going to a handful of gatherings at others’ homes, and will be going out of state to visit family ourselves.
But I will return the first weekend of 2014.I have some great posts coming up in the New Year and maybe—just maybe—some new projects to plan for.I may (or may not, depending on how it goes) have a slightly new planner set up to discuss.I’m contemplating some changes but I want to think about it some more.Also, if it doesn’t work out, there won’t be much to discuss.So we shall see!
My first post of 2014 will map out my goals for the year (as of right now—things change!).Additionally, I still need to post some of my 2013 organizing projects.I was able to get quite a few things done this year, but have not had the chance to post about them, so there’s that as …

“Get Me Through December”

The Philofaxy community often talks about starting fresh—for some, that happens when January and the New Year roll around.For others, it starts in September when children return to school.Either way, it’s the beginning of something new that people seem to be attached to.It’s a chance for us to begin anew, to start again, to do everything “right.”
I, myself, am no stranger to this phenomenon.I love the planning sweet spot, not only because it gives me a chance to start my planning fresh, but also to start my life again, though perhaps in a new(ish) way.It’s the possibility that I’m drawn to, the chance to do everything right, the hope that something great is just around the corner.
With January hurdling towards us at a great speed, I can’t help but think of things in this way yet again.As December melts/freezes/turns into January, I often think of Alison Krauss’s song Get Me Through December.At its most basic level, the song is about getting through December in order to start fresh again…

November Daily Photos

I’ve managed to complete my second month of daily photo challenges.(You can see a summary of October here.)I never thought I’d make it this far, let alone want to keep going.I’ve become a bit addicted.
While I have not seen any official planner daily photo challenges posted anywhere, I have found two, thanks to some recommendations on Facebook.First, there’s a Christmas photo challenge from White Peach Blog.Then there’s the December photo challenge from Fatmumslim.Both sound great, I have to say.But I wonder how much of these I can do since (from what I can tell) they aren’t geared specifically towards planners.
But why can’t I make them specifically for planners?There’s no rule (as far as I know) as to how you complete your photo challenges.I have to say that White Peach’s Christmas challenge is just that—a challenge.I’m not sure how many of these I can complete where my planner is concerned.But I wouldn’t let that stop me.
What might stop me is the fact that both of these challenges ar…