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Travel Filo & Organization

It’s been a while since I first introduced Beauford, the traveling Filo.Since then he’s gotten a bit of an update.Part of it has to do with what he carries, and part of it has to do with how he travels.But let’s start at the beginning…
Just a little over a year ago, my family and I planned a trip to Disney World.It turned out not to the trip we had planned, but rather a trip that was bittersweet—happy and sad all at the same time (which is why I never wrote about it).But prior to the sad bits, it was fun and exciting planning for this trip.I had decided to treat myself to a new travel bag.
Enter Timbuk2’s Parcel Tote (sadly, no longer available through T2’s website).I wanted something that was big enough to carry all of my essentials on the plane, yet small enough that I didn’t need anything with wheels.I tend to bring only one carry-on bag on the plane, so it needs to be big enough, yet small enough.
This fit the bill perfectly.It’s stylish; wide, rather than tall, which is what I prefe…

Wherein the To Do List Teaches Patience

If you read my last post you know that we’ve been incredibly busy.Well, I am always busy with projects I assign myself, but above and beyond that, we’ve just had a lot of events going on, as is the case every summer.And every fall.And every spring, come to think of it.In fact, I think the only time we’re not busy is during tax season (February – mid-April) when my accountant husband works long hours and 6-7 days a week.But I myself am always busy with my to do lists and projects.
And while that (master) list is never-ending (long term), and while the master list breaks down into any number of other lists, and while it frustrates me quite a bit that it’s never completely finished, I couldn’t live without it because the truth is, it keeps me sane, keeps me from having to remember every last little thing that comes to mind, and for that reason, it keeps me from stressing (for the most part) about what “must” get done.
But recently, my to do list is also teaching me patience.To explain full…

Yes, Master

I often feel like Jeannie, always saying “Yes, Master.”Only, instead of granting the wishes of a handsome man who keeps me locked in my bottle except fro when he needs me, I grant the wishes of my to do list which keeps me chained to my desk for most of my weekend.And that’s just my to do list at home; this doesn’t even cover the to do list at work.(The difference there, though, is that I get paid to work on that list.)
I have been evaluating my life lately, why it is that I never feel rested after a weekend, why I never get a good night’s sleep, and why I constantly feel like my life is a fight with the clock.The answer is my never-ending to do list.And I’ve come to a few realizations.
I love working from a to do list.In many ways, it keeps me organized, keeps me sane.A list allows me to get down my thoughts so that I don’t have to remember all of the tasks that need to get done.And the satisfaction of crossing one of those items off the list, well, it’s a good feeling, a feeling of ac…