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Thinning Out the Herd

I love my new tabs.  They bring an element of fun and personalization to some drab tabs.  However, they do contribute to a much fatter binder.  And while I said I didn’t care, I started to.  I was having trouble turning the pages without issue—they would not turn without a little coaxing.  And because the paper wasn’t glued at the very edge, my finger was catching the edge of the paper every time I opened to a specific tab.  So with a tear in my eye, I accepted what was—I had to move my personalized tabs to my household Malden.
I use the Malden fairly often, so I’m still able to enjoy my decorated tabs.  But I don’t see them all of the time, so I’m a little disappointed.  But since the Compact is limited on space to begin with, removing the tabs from Reggie helped to thin him out.  He was getting a little chunky and proving to be difficult in some situations.  Now he is once again thin and easy to manipulate.
My only issue with my fancy tabs in the Malden is that now the paper does not …

Announcement: NYC Meet Up

Today's post is over at Philofaxy.

2012: Not the Start I was Looking For

We are in our last week of March and the first full week of spring.Around this time, you might come across some New Year’s resolutions update posts.As you may recall, I didn’t make any official resolutions this year.Mainly, I just wanted to focus on the good things in life.A new year and a new start are always exciting—there are so many possibilities out there for us.However, the first three months of 2012 were not the start I was hoping for.
First, let me go back to the start of 2011 for a minute.  Last winter, I had a lot to deal with.  Because of fall allergies, getting infection after infection before even knowing I had developed fall allergies, I was diagnosed with Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD) and retracted eardrums (a condition in which one’s eardrums are pulled in towards the middle ear).  Because of these conditions, I developed a constant white noise in my left ear—nothing that I haven’t gotten used to, nothing that interrupts my daily life.  Neither condition is life thr…

Liebster Award!

I have been given a blogging award!I’m so amazed and grateful that not only do I get to write, I get to write things that people actually read.And not only that, some people think that what I write is good enough to be awarded!Yay!
So what is this award?  It’s the Liebster Award, a German word that means dearest, beloved, or favorite.  It’s given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  It is given by someone who believes your blog deserves the recognition.
So now that I have been given the award, I have to follow the requirements:
1.  Thank the person you gave you the award and link back to them.
My thanks to Denise at Cupcakes and Cadenzas!  I’m so pleased and honored to have received this award from you.  I love Denise’s blog and her writing, so please check it out.
2.  Nominate up to five other blogs for the Liebster Award.
J at The Crazy Life of J Kate at The Life of the Perpetual Student SNARL at The SNARLing Post Zoe at The Zeitgeist of Zoe
3.  Let the nominated blogger know via a …

Tab Fancy

Some of you may remember that I wanted to jazz up my planner tabs.  I wanted something that would reflect me and my simplistic tastes without being over the top.  Plus, I didn’t want to have to do tons of cutting and gluing and punching and aligning.
A few weeks ago, I wandered into Michaels to see what they had to offer.  I thought maybe I could just buy some stickers, stick them to the tabs, and call it a day.  But the only sticker items I could find was more for scrapbooking with puffy bits.  I don’t really like the puffy bits.  They may writing difficult due to the bumpiness under the paper.  Plus, if I have a lot of them, they would end up adding more thickness to the binder.
But then I came across a display of themed paper.  So the wheels in my head started to turn…
This is what I came away with:

The idea I had sprung was to cut the paper into a smaller version of the dividers and glue them onto the dividers.  So, yes, I would have to cut and glue some, but the difference here is th…

Taking the time...

Image stop and smell the roses.
I skipped my Monday night yoga class and headed to the beach.  It's been too long since I enjoyed the smell of the salt air.  I thought I'd share my afternoon with you.

Sticker Winner!

A while back, J at The Crazy Life of J had a sticker give-away.  I believe she is contemplating creating stickers to sell in her soon-to-be Etsy shop and had a sample to send to the lucky winner.  I happened to be that lucky winner!
I’m so excited—thank you, J!
Here’s the lovely prize:

We have one “reminder” set and 2 “birthday” sets.  There’s also a sticker of a turtle and one of a whale.  Plus, J was kind enough to send me a clear yellow folder/pocket that fits perfectly in the personal binder.  And then there’s the personalized card she sent.
I’m not exactly sure how I will use all of the stickers, but I have an idea.

The whale and the turtle I would like to incorporate into my divider decorations somehow.  I have yet to embark on this project because I have yet to find the perfect accessories to use.  I’m not a flashy person, nor am I a flowery or “fashionable” person.  So while I want color and decoration, I don’t want it to be anything over the top or that isn’t me.  Stickers will wo…