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Organizing vs. Doing

I am an organized person by nature.I don’t have to think too much about how to organize something, whether it be a spot in my house, a collection of items, or a project.I simply look at what I need to do and a plan just sort of comes to me.This is not to say, however, that I don’t teak whatever system it is that I have in place should the need arise.Many times our needs change and/or our system evolves or changes organically simply because those needs change or because something isn’t working for us.A system can always be a work in progress.
I wasn’t always organized.I remember my mother forcing me to clean my room every once in a while when I was young because it just got so ugly.I hated those cleaning sessions.I hated sorting through all of the dolls, all of the dolls’ clothing, the books, the accessories, the whatever.It was such a process, an event that took the better part of the day to complete.I hated spending the time fixing it all.But I sure did love it when it was done and I …

Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Happy fall!Happy holidays!Happy New Year!
It has been over three months (!) since my last post, unless you count my Philofaxy guest post, in which case it’s been over two months.Either way, this is the longest I have ever gone without blogging.I have both missed it and…not.
I have missed the physical and creative aspects of writing, and I’ve missed the interaction with my readers and their comments.However, I did not miss the stress I often put on myself to get a post published.Typically, I average a post a week, and since the summer, I have not been able to do even that much.I decided back then that I wasn’t going to stress over getting a post out just for the sake of doing it.My mind was tired of forcing a post on a topic that I didn’t have much heart for just to publish something.See, since I moved into a compact binder (specifically my two VDS binders, one and two), and having other supplemental binders and notebooks, I have been perfectly happy.“Planner peace,” as it is refer…