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Organization in January

The start of every year brings about a desire—maybe even a need—to organize a few things.I always start with the same three things: planner organization and updating, sorting through the list of blogs that I read, and purging old files and setting up new ones for the new year.
Each January I start my year with setting up my planner for the new year, archiving old inserts, and doing a general sort-through of all of my planner gear.This year I went a little further and revamped my entire system, which meant revamping my entire collection—this is a procedure of “no binder left behind,” a purpose for every binder.This setup/revamp can happen in a day, or it can take me a few days, depending on how much I need to change up.Sometimes it doesn’t happen until after January since I typically don’t archive inserts until a month later.I guess it all depends on how big of an itch it is to reorganize everything.
The second thing I do is sort through the list of blogs I subscribe to.The number of pla…

2014 System Revamp: Starbucks Binder*

(Disclaimer: Links provided—except for the ones from the domain—might not be affiliated with the Starbucks company.  I am in no way saying the linked websites are affiliated with, managed by, seen by, or approved by Starbucks.  They are websites I have come across in my search on the topic.  I am not affiliated with these websites, I do not back these websites, nor am I saying they are authoritative in any way.  They are linked for reference purposes only.)
The final post in my 2014 System Revamp series is the one people have been waiting for.I hope it’s not disappointing.
If you’ve been reading my blog for long enough, you are aware of my love for coffee.You might also be aware that because of that love, I have a love for Starbucks.I have created a Starbucks binder.I am using a compact brown Regency for this purpose.

The deep and dark browns of this binder make me think of coffee, so it is a perfect fit!
Before I get into the details, I’ll tell you how the idea for this bin…

2014 System Revamp: Odds & Ends, Keepsakes, and Maps

This week’s post in my 2014 System Revamp series highlights some miscellaneous items.
First, we have the Odds & Ends binder.For this I am using my personal Richmond, which was gifted to me by a friend a while back.

I don’t know what year this binder is from, but I can tell you that my friend used it for several years for work.It’s a great binder but not one that I’ve used as my personal daily binder.So it is being used to hold random bits and bobs that I sometimes use.
Here is the binder open:

On the left I have a Flex jot pad.The first thing you see on the right is a Franklin Covey page marker (I haven’t used this yet, but I might implement this into my daily planner) and all of the Filofax Today markers I have received when placing an order.(To my surprise, they often come in handy, though clearly I don’t need as many as I have.)
Next is a zipped envelope, which holds random tabs that I’ve used in the past.

I haven’t used these tabs in a long time, but I didn’t want to get rid of them…