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Planner Envy

I’m a very envious person when it comes to other people’s planners. Anytime I see another planner anywhere I always think it’s better than mine, has a better system, is organized better or gets better use regardless of who it belongs to or what it’s used for. I can be perfectly happy with my planner and the system I’ve got going, but show me someone else’s and I look for ways to improve my own while taking bits and pieces from the other person’s set-up. Borrowing ideas from other people is always great – that’s what often happens when discussing planners and systems on the websites and blogs we all belong to and peruse. And of course we all strive to make a good system better. But why can’t I ever be completely happy with my planner without longing for something new or different?

This past weekend I got together with a friend of mine. She received her first Filofax for Christmas and is very excited to use it. So over coffee we both whipped out our planners and gave the other a tour of …

Snow Day!

Here in New York we are under a blizzard warning until Thursday morning. Every school is closed for the day. Many people have stayed home from work. Last Saturday the forecast called for lots of snow and then nothing happened here on Long Island. So some of us were a little skeptical as to whether or not it would snow at all today. Thus far, we have a few inches and it’s currently stopped for a while. But this afternoon is supposed to be a lot worse – heavy snowfall, blustering wind, cold temperatures. So my husband, the cat and I are cozy in the house, curled up to a roaring fire.
Snow days are great; little winter surprises. And while we can predict the weather, we can’t always plan on an official snow day. Except that I did. When we were upgraded from a winter storm warning to a blizzard warning, we all pretty much knew that most of us would not have to go to work. With that in mind I made a small to-do for myself. Nothing big – after all, a snow day is supposed to be about relaxing…

Philofaxy Quotations

Since finding the Philofaxy blog about a year and a half ago, I have read every entry and every comment and continue to do so. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was and am to find a group of people who are as nuts about planners as I am – maybe some of you more so than me, which I used to think was impossible. But upon “meeting” Laurie, I don’t think I’ve even begun to scratch the surface of the planner depths. =)

I keep a log of certain quotes from Philofaxers to read over once in a while – some are from main Philofaxy entries and some are from comments left by readers. They are just tidbits that strike a chord with me, parallel ideas that I have had at some point that someone else has put into words and written, ideas I didn’t have myself but agree with wholeheartedly.

This is an on-going list, but here is what I have so far (I have stated which entry/reader has posted these statements by providing links, giving credit to those who have written these beautiful sentiments – I hope this…