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The State of Well Planned Life

I have been blogging for about three and half years, which just floors me.   Who knew I’d have so much to say about planners, and that people would be interested in what I have to say for so long!   I have enjoyed every minute of it and am very grateful to have readers at all, let alone faithful readers.   Thank you! I’ve been thinking about this blog a lot lately.  I love writing, love blogging, love this blog, love Philofaxy and the community that surrounds it.  I have “met” some wonderful people, people who have showed more support for me than some people I see on a regular basis, and some of the people here I have never met face to face.  I have met some, however, and it was like meeting up with old friends even though it was the first time I saw them in person.  In one case, I have created and cultivated a very close relationship to the point where we see each other every year and talk daily.  These relationships have come to mean a great deal to me. When I started thi

Change of Planner Archive System

After only a few months since discussing my “new” archiving system , I’ve gone and changed it.   There is a reason for that—one day I was looking for an old planner insert, specifically something I had written on an insert.   I knew it was from either 2012 or 2011, and I hadn’t a clue as to the time of year it happened.   So I dug out my archive boxes and started to look through.   What I realized is that while it’s easy enough to pull out the stacks of inserts from any given year, un-rubber band them and search, it was a pain in the neck.   Inserts were falling off my lap, the stack is so big that I couldn’t (easily) get the rubber band off or on, and I couldn’t flip through the inserts without having to take the stack apart.   True, it’s not often that I rifle through past inserts, but when I do, I want it to be easy. Enter my new system.  After reading posts from both Homemakers Daily and The Crazy Life of J , I went with Franklin Covey’s Storage Case .  I wanted something th

Compact Insert Switch (Again)

Back in February, I decided to switch from the day per page layout to the two pages per day layout .   My original post explains in depth the reason for this change; however, just as a quick recap, I switched mainly because I wanted to add my work tasks in my planner so that everything was in one place.   If you look at my previous “ My Filofax Day ” posts, you can see how I organized and differentiated between my personal tasks and my work tasks. This layout works well for me, but I find myself constantly moving tasks from one day to the next.  While this works, it also means wasting time recopying things that I wouldn’t need to if I could organize these tasks electronically.  First, let me say that I’m not a huge fan of electronic organization on the whole—it doesn’t really work well for me, and I just prefer paper for most things.  I have tried using various digital products to keep me organized, and it just doesn’t work .  But I think the issue isn’t that digital can’t w

A Year of Natural Disasters (As Told by My Planner)

This coming week marks one year since we had wildfires here near my home.   For some reason this popped into my head the other day.   Then, after thinking about it, I realized that we’ve had a full year of natural disasters.   In most cases, there wasn’t a lot of damage, and in the one case where there was, I personally had no damage.   So, even though it’s been a year of weather-related things, I count my blessings that it wasn’t worse. Keeping track of random information in my planner is a good way to look back and see what events have taken place.  The weather is something that I jot down every day, even when it’s as mundane as “sunny; 53 degrees.”  And upon reflecting about all that has happened, that’s exactly what I did—I took out my past year’s inserts to see the timeline. Starting with the fires last year on April 9, 2012: The fire started on a Monday.   Last year at this time, we had unusually high temperatures and a lot of wind.   And because we didn’t h