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Post-its and Evernote

This past week, Post-it and Evernote brands announced a joint venture.According to CNET’s article, the point of the venture is to turn your paper sticky notes into digital notes.You can take a picture of specific bright-colored Post-it notes, upload those photos to Evernote, and store them there where you can access the photos of your paper stickies on your phone and/or tablet.
I don’t disagree with this venture; after all, it breathes new digital life into a paper product, as well as brings a popular brand (3M/Post-it) to a digital resource.But personally, I don’t really get the point, at least for myself.Being both a paper and digital user, I can see the value of using both—I use a combination myself.However, I use sticky notes for random reminders and notes, not for something that I would want to take a picture of and store on my phone.
True, I do keep lists in my planner and transfer them to Wunderlist as needed, but that is for easy access when I’m out and about.It also helps me to…

Guest Post at Crazy Life of J

If you haven't already seen it, I did a guest post over at The Crazy Life of J.

Thanks again to J for hosting my post!

Philofaxy All Stars 2013: J’s Wedding Music

As part of the 2013 Philofaxy All Stars blog tour, J from The Crazy Life of J has offered to do a post on her wedding music.She and her husband have just celebrated their first anniversary.
This post is LONG overdue. Kanalt first asked me to write it about a year and a half ago when she first saw the song I was planning to use for my first dance on my wedding day. Now that I just celebrated my first anniversary, I figure it's about time I sit down and get this post over to her!  We used a local DJ called Music by Design - they were awesome from our first meeting with them to a few days ago when I emailed them, begging them to try and find our song list over a year after our wedding. After we decided on them, we were able to log into our own client area on their website. Once there, we could access all of their songs, and include them on categorical lists according to songs that must be played, songs we would like played, and songs we absolutely didn't want played. And you know m…

Bags’ Bag

We all know I love my bags.But when you have numerous bags, it can be a challenge organizing and/or storing them.I have a spare walk-in closet, as in there’s a walk-in closet in the spare bedroom.We use this closet to store many things—my bags included.(A tour of my walk-in closet is forthcoming.)This is good because without this closet, I would not be able to store as many bags as I do.With that said, I cannot buy another bag without first donating or selling one or two (or more if it were up to my husband) from my collection.
So how do I store my bag collection?Well, there are two parts to my organization.I use a shelf for my designer handbags—they are too big to store them the way I do tote bags.I will get more into the shelf storage when I do my walk-in closet walk-through post.
For the bags that I can easily store elsewhere, I’ve come up with a solution that involves—you’ve probably already guessed it—another bag.
Originally, I had a Rubbermaid-like drawer container where I kept my …

Introducing [Name Withheld… for the Moment]

You know Reggie, Ms. Plum, and, most recently, Gypsy.(I also have Beauford, but he’s special, and not a member of the core group.)I now have the last member of my compact binder collection.
First, I want to thank reader Mstraat for selling me her Compact Holborn.I had originally purchased the Holborn from Pens and Leather, but had to return it due to faulty rings.I emailed the company to see if I could exchange the binder for one without a ring issue, and they were so great about it—they have a time frame for which returns will be accepted.I was late due to the blizzard we had, but they made an exception and accepted it late.Not only did I have the email confirmation of a replacement binder being sent, but I also typed a letter requesting one and stuck it in with the return.
A few weeks went by with no new binder.I emailed.I called and left a message (because it would appear that they never answer their phones).I emailed again.Finally, I sent a “nasty” email (nasty for me, which isn’t v…