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2014 System Revamp: Past/Future Inserts Binder

Using a compact binder as your daily planner obviously means that you cannot carry an entire year’s worth of daily pages.And since I can’t get away with using anything less than daily pages, I have to compromise.Just like my Household Binder holds everything I don’t need with me on a daily basis, my Past/Future Inserts Binder holds all of the inserts I don’t need with me at any given time.
I have a rolling calendar system in my daily binder.I can get a full year’s worth of monthly pages in there, as well as 2 – 3 months worth of daily pages (in addition to everything else I carry—if I didn’t carry anything more, I could get 6 months worth of daily pages in there).
I use my personal Ochre Malden to hold all of my extra inserts.

I don’t put anything other than inserts in here, as you can see upon opening the binder.

The first insert is cardboard, which (if I remember correctly) I bought at Muji.They originally had top tabs on them, but since I didn’t use them for that purpose, I chopped off…

2014 System Revamp: Household Binder

Because I carry a compact binder as my daily planner, and because it’s limited on room, I have to choose carefully what I take with me.Everything else stays home in my Household Binder.Since updating what I carry in my compact binder, I also had to update what’s in my Household Binder.(You can see the original set up in the link above.)
I didn’t change too much here.Basically, I reorganized my tabs, cleaned it up a little, and streamlined my information.
I am using my Malden for this purpose.

If I were ever to return to the personal size, I would move back into my Malden and switch my household information to a different binder.But, this is the set up for now.
Upon opening it, you can see I keep very little in the pockets.

Right now, I have a jot pad in the top pocket, behind the zipper.Only two of the card slots are being used—one has an iTunes gift card in it, the other has a card with the phone number to my insurance company’s nurse hotline.In the main full-length pocket, I have an arti…

2014 System Revamp: Daily Planner

The first post in my “2014 System Revamp” series highlights my daily planner.
It’s been a while since I discussed how I actually use my planner.Before we get into the nitty gritty, I will say that I do not use my planner for work tasks.As discussed previously, I use Wunderlist to keep track of all of my work tasks, as well as for some personal use.In short, many of my work tasks repeat, have a lot of steps, and often get pushed off from one day to the next.I used to keep my work tasks in my planner but found it to be too cumbersome to keep up with there, hence the switch.(If you click on the link above, you can read how I use Wunderlist in detail.)
With that said, my personal planner is used to keep track of my entire schedule (work included), personal lists and tasks, projects, and notes.I also use it for record keeping—the weather (since my sinus and ear health is very dependent on changes in the weather), how I’m feeling and any medication I took (for the above reason), as well as an…