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365 Days (Almost) of Filo Photos

It has been a year now since I started doing the Filo (or Planner) Photo of the Day challenge .   I never thought I’d make it through a year.   I figured I’d give up somewhere along the way. I have to say that I have loved doing this.   Following a daily photo challenge not only gives me an opportunity to be creative throughout the day, it has also forced me to look at the world differently: each day, each time I go outside, or even if I’m inside, I am given the chance to look at the world through the camera lens (or at least the camera lens of an iPhone).   Everywhere I look, I am now looking for that golden photo opportunity. I have seen so many in a year.   And it has started a new hobby. I am by no means a professional photographer, or even a good photographer.   I am mediocre at best.   I am lucky to get the shot at all, really.   But the point (for me) isn’t so much the shot of a lifetime, as it is looking at the world in a new way and being creative while doing it.

Additional Organizing Apps and Services

This is more of an addendum to last week’s post on organizing my online reading .   A reader asked the question of where/how I save articles that I want to hold on to.   I should have addressed this in that post, but really, I wanted to do a separate post on the online services and apps I use to organize many things, so this post will answer the original question as well as discuss other online organizing solutions. To answer the question of where/how I store articles that I want to hold on to for future reference, I use Evernote for this purpose.   In short, Evernote is a place to create notebooks and keep track of different types of information.   Some people use it to create lists and organize their tasks.   I actually don’t use it this way, though it is effective for such lists.   I use it only for capturing articles I want to be able to access again in the future, though I have made lists within notebooks while planning a trip or two.   (You can read more about how I use Eve