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Organizing Bills & Receipts

A while back, I discussed my routine for meal planning and running errands.This routine hasn’t changed all that much.I still plan my meals; I still keep lists of things I want/need to buy; and I still keep a list of the places I need to go each week; I still use Wunderlist to organize my errand running.(You can read my complete overview of Wunderlist here.)However, all of these errands—as well as general everyday mail and random other items—create a lot of paper clutter.
How do I deal with it all?
First, in regards to mail, I sort items each day upon bringing it into the house.Anything that is for my husband goes into a wire bin on the kitchen counter.It’s up to him to process his own items.More often that not, he leaves his mail in the bin.Each week, when I clean the kitchen, I’ll throw out anything that is no longer relevant (things like supermarket circulars or outdated coupons, etc.).I will also remove anything that belongs to my husband and put those items in his bin in the office.…

Bob and James: A Purr-fectly Feel-Good Story

I just finished reading A Street Cat Named Bob and The World According to Bob.I loved them both and highly recommend them if you’re looking for something uplifting to read.(I have yet to read A Gift from Bob, though that will be first on my Christmas reading list come December.)
Simply put, Street Cat is a memoir of how James Bowen and Bob found each other and how they saved each other.Bowen, a recovering addict, finds a stray ginger cat in his apartment building, whom he takes in.After several days, it becomes apparent that they were meant to find each other.Their relationship is a unique one—they work on the streets of London together, ride the bus together, find adventure together, and learn to survive and change their lives together.Daily life isn’t always easy for them, but together they do their best.
A story about a cat (or any animal) always draws me in.However, Bob’s spirit is unlike any I have read about before, especially for a cat, and it is what had me glued to each and eve…