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Martha and Ink Joy: Two Product Reviews

Last week I ventured into Staples—it had been a long time since I stepped foot in an office supply store.  Why, I don’t know.  I chose Staples because I wanted to check out the new office supply line by Martha Stewart.  While she has some great organizing tips and techniques, I’m not an avid fan/follower of hers.  But office supplies are office supplies, and I had to look into it.  She has teamed up with Avery to create a new line of supplies.
The display was located all the way at the back of this particular store.  To me, if you want to advertise something new, this is not the best place to do it.  But that’s just my opinion—perhaps they didn’t have room anywhere else.  As for the products: there are some great items that I could imagine purchasing for my organizational use—tabs, dividers, labels, folders, etc.  I especially like the desk organizers and drawers—pieces are sold individually and are stackable, allowing you to create your own version of desk organizer.  There are even n…

Planner Archives: A Necessity?

In a word: yes.
I’ve mentioned before that I didn’t use to keep my prior years’ planner pages.  I used to only keep the prior year and throw them out when the new year arrived.  But since joining the Philofaxy community and reading that people keep their planner pages for years, I decided to start doing that as well.
Then I got to thinking: is it really necessary?  At some point, I’ll have so many archives I won’t have room to store them, even though that’s a long way off yet.
But this weekend I came to understand why keeping past pages is so important.  As a public employee, I have to complete Civil Service exams every couple of years.  Included in that exam is a list a continuing education courses and/or programs that I’ve attended.  I’m pretty good at keeping meticulous records of this—I keep a running list in a Word document.  Then, I can just transfer the information from my file to the online exam form.  But it’s always nice to double check this information.  And come to learn, I h…

At Home with Malden

As some of you may recall, I have re-purposed my beloved Malden as a stay-at-home binder to house all of the items I want to keep but that I don’t need with me at all times.  I have finished putting all of the pieces together, and so here is a little tour. 

Upon opening the binder, you can see I have bits of paper and cards in the slots on the left-hand side.  I have a jot pad, an iTunes gift card, and snips of articles about gardening and getting rid of garden pests (I have yet to do any type of gardening whatsoever, but I am hopeful that one day I will).
On the right-hand side, I placed a Life Is Good sticker on the transparent page that comes in new binders.  I’ve had this sticker for a while and I wanted to be able to use it in some planner fashion, so I’m excited that it now has a home.  The only problem is that it’s a little wider than the page, so I had to fold it over at the edge.  Thankfully though, it’s not too much of a fold-over so it doesn’t look super ridiculous.
Next comes…

Super (Annoying) Sunday

(A little history first, then a gripe.)
For anyone who doesn’t know, today is Super BowlSunday here in the US.  That is, today is the day that the best two teams (or maybe just the two who got lucky, depending on your viewpoint and/or your favorite team) from the (American) football season battle to win the trophy and the title for the year. 
It’s a big deal, not only for football fans but for American culture as a whole.  Companies fight to land an advertising spot during the game, and they pay big bucks to do it.  The Super Bowl commercials are well known for their uniqueness, their humor, their drama, and their attempt to shock and surprise.  The point is to win the status of the one commercial that will be remembered for the year to come, not to mention reach the high numbers of viewers watching the football game to begin with. 
Then, there’s the halftime show.  Each year, a celebrity musician is chosen to perform during halftime (the period of time the teams get to rest and regrou…