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Hoarding: A Lesson in Organization

The title of this post is a little misleading—I’m not discussing hoarding as a mental illness.  Rather, I’m discussing my habit of “hoarding” certain items, pens and Post-its to be exact.  After struggling to close my desk drawer due to all of the pens that got in the way, I decided it was high time to clean out the desk.  Plus, my husband asked me to (for the same reason), and he never asks me to clean anything (mostly because I’m usually so on top of things like that, it’s rarely an issue).
This is where all of the blogging magic happens my friends:

While this picture is a couple of years old, and the items on top of the desk have changed somewhat, generally it’s the same today.  (Excuse the Filo mess in the picture—it was the only one I had of the desk and I was just too lazy to take a new one.)  I don’t know if you can tell from the picture but the desk is a two-piece L-shape desk, so what you see isn’t even the entire desk.  The side piece that the picture does not show has one dra…

Low-Key Passion: The Third Philofaxy NYC Meet-Up

This past Saturday, we had the third Philofaxy New York City meet up.Compared to the lasttwo, this one was small (seven attendees) and quite low-key.Still, there was a lot of passionate talk of all things Filofax.Here is how the day went:
I started by gearing up my Filofax.

I drove to my friend Sheila’s house, and then she drove us to the big city.  We had some time before meeting the others so we hit The Container Store.  Shelia bought a few items, and while I didn’t buy anything, I did cash in my free gift birthday coupon and came out with a small pack of sticky notes and flags (I didn’t take a picture of this for some reason).  Although they weren’t Post-it brand, I was pretty excited nonetheless.
After we perused organizational heaven, we headed to Sam Flax to meet the rest of the group.  Outside of the store Sheila and I met Nan, Michele, Pat, Raquel, and Jenna.  We chatted outside for a while, were approached by a stranger yakking about pens, then headed inside to shop.
No ifs, ands…

iPad, iPod Touch and Planner: The Optimum Planning Combination

Note: I am not touting one company or device over another.  I am simply writing about what I’m familiar with and use.
Last week was my birthday.  Originally I had mentioned to my husband that I would love an iPad, that we could get one for the two of us to share but that it could count as my birthday gift.  My hubby is not one to spend a lot of money, especially when we already have items that will perform the same function.  So imagine my surprise when he and my entire family all chipped in to buy me an iPad.  It is the iPad 2—since I have never owned one, I wouldn’t know the difference between it and the 3.  Either way it’s new to me and very exciting.  A whole new world of doing things has been open to me (with the exception of being able to comment on Blogger blogs without issue, but that’s another rant altogether).
Now that I have the iPad, and the iPod Touch, a few people have asked if the combination of the two and the way iCloud makes it so easy to share information between devi…

How Do You To Do: Work vs. Personal

My system has worked for me for a long time.Even with the many changes in binders, I have (for the most part) kept the main innards of the planner pretty much the same.Since starting with Filofax, I have always kept my work to-dos separate from my Filo.Work is work, it never comes home with me, so there was no need to include my work to-dos in my personal planner.(My work schedule—appointments, meetings, and places to be have always been included in my Filo, however.)But suddenly, I am in need of a change.
My workload has increased dramatically since I started working at the library—I have taken on new projects, many of them very different from each other.  I split my time between the reference desk answering questions and office time when everything else gets done.  Among other things, a huge part of my job consists of creating most of the publicity for our reference department—flyers for our programs, brochures and handouts for our services, bibliographies for book suggestions, and m…

Sticker Giveaway Winner

It's time to reveal the winner of the sticker giveaway.  A big thank you to those who entered.  It was very difficult for me not to respond to all of the comments as they came in, since I always do.  However, I will respond soon!

I used to generate the winner, and I had it audited by my accountant husband (as in, he double checked that the winning name corresponded with the number drawn).  With that said, the winner is...


Email me offline (kanalt17 at Gmail dot Com) with your details so I can mail out your stickers.