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Guinness: The Black and Tan(ish) Personal VDS

Back during the Van der Spek April 1 sales (yes, I’m that far behind in my posting), I bought my third VDS customized binder.   So now, in addition to Cappuccino and Daisy , I now have Guinness.   (Why am I compelled to name each of my binders?) Guinness is made of the Nero nappa leather on the outside and the Barbie nappa on the inside.   Each has the contrasting stitching. The inside left has a secretarial pocket. The inside right is the standard pocket configuration. As far as content, the layout of my planner is still the same . What is different, as you may have noticed, is that this planner is the standard/personal size (25 mm rings), which isn’t uncommon in the planner world, but is uncommon in my world. Since Filofax first introduced the Compact binders back in 2011 , I have used them exclusively.   Carrying a compact allows me to streamline what I take out of the house with me, limiting me to only those things I truly need.   Typ