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All Hail the King!: The (Lucky) 7th Philofaxy New York City Meet-Up

This post is way overdue, by two weeks, in fact.You may have already seen Steve’s write-up over at Philofaxy.And since then, he’s been to a second meet-up in Washington, DC.So, yes, this post is shamefully overdue.But that’s how much time I’ve had for blogging: zip, zero, zilch.But I digress…
The past couple of years have seen a decline in interest and attendance in the New York City meet up.I don’t know if it’s the time of year that I typical schedule them or if people are just too busy (understandably so).Either way, I was unsure if I would organize a meet up again this year because of it, but when Steve—the Philofaxy King, as he is known around social media—contacted me to tell me of his big North American vacation tour, how could I not?He and I banded together to make it happen—he took names and reservations; I looked into restaurants and shopping locations.
Thanks to Nan’s suggestion, I booked our party for lunch at Ben’s Delicatessen in Manhattan.This was a great choice, not only …

Digital (Action) Lists

My last post discussed my paper planner lists, how I use them, and how I accomplish those tasks.  Today, continuing with my list series, I will discuss how I use Wunderlist for my “active” digital lists (as opposed to “inactive” of reference lists, which I will write about next time).  I originally wrote about Wunderlist back in 2013, but of course there have been updates to both the product itself and how I use it.
First, what I love about Wunderlist is that is available in all formats—web, mobile, Mac app—all of which I use.I have the app downloaded to my Mac, I use the mobile versions for both iPad and iPhone, and I use the website while at work.(They do make an app for various Windows operating systems, but the website is easiest for me to use since I use multiple computers that are shared by many.)All of my information syncs seamlessly, though I admit that the web version is a little finicky where syncing is concerned.I do come across problems with it every now and then, but in th…