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My Second Van der Spek Binder

Almost immediately after receiving my first Van der Spek planner, I knew I’d be getting a second one, specifically for the spring and summer months.Just like my first one, I knew I’d want something that represented something I love—the colors had to be chosen very carefully.But I didn’t know what those colors would be.I had time to think about it, though, so there was no rush in deciding.
One day, quite out of the blue, while driving to work, it hit me.

Then, I started to see my choice everywhere.

Do you see it?Do you see my inspiration?
Green and blue.
My favorite colors are yellow and green.But my favorite color combination is green and blue.It reminds me of fresh air, of trees, of clear skies, of summer.The only question that remained: which green and which blue and what combination exactly?
I had decided that since I already own a Filofax personal Jade Finchley, the green would be the interior color.Still, I needed to research the specific color choices.
If only I had samples to look at …

VDS “Cappuccino” Update

It has been just about 3 months since introducing you to Cappuccino, my first Van der Spek binder.Although I first wrote about her in April, she arrived in March, so she’s been my active planner for more than 3 months.
I can honestly tell you that she is a thing of beauty.I love her.She is aging quite nicely.
So here is a little update on how she’s aging.Without stiffener or foam, it’s all about the leather.

She has gained a bit of a shine to her (I believe this is called patina, though I’m not well versed in leather lingo, so correct me if I’m wrong).Still, she has not lost her super soft suppleness.And she still smells divine.
One thing I have noticed is that the undyed leather interior is faded somewhat.Well, I thought it was fading, but after speaking with Zoe, I have learned that it is simply tanning.You can see what I mean here:

The lighter color is where my inserts lay when the binder is open.The darker shading is what catches the light.Perhaps a few close-ups show the tanning bette…