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Productivity vs. Listening to Your Body

Those of use who are Type A like to get stuff done.In fact, that’s one of the traits of being Type A, among so many others.Our qualities aren’t always seen as a good thing, but we keep on keepin’ on because, let’s face it, that task list isn’t going to get itself done.
But when is being productive bad for you?
The short answer is when it takes its toll on the body.
Last weekend was busy for me.It was not my ideal weekend.I had a meeting on Saturday morning that went quite a bit longer than I expected, I had dinner plans for the evening, and between those two events, I rushed around trying to get groceries bought and put away and clean up the kitchen.I did nap, but not nearly long enough.On Sunday I went to church and was there longer than I expected.My plan for after church was to clean whatever was on the rotating list.
But by the time I got home, I was so dog-tired.Not just sleepy, which I was, but also my body was just tired.So tired, in fact, that the mere thought of cleaning the hous…

Being Organized as a Negative Trait & Learning to Say No

I recently read two posts from Penelope Loves Lists that resonated with me deeply.
The first, “I’m ‘Overly Organized’ and Other Myths We Tell Ourselves,” gives voice to something I have come across so often, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve experienced it.I highly recommend reading the original post to get the full picture, but the main idea is that being organized is often seen in a negative light.And the question is, why is that?Moreover, why do we accept it?
The post highlights certain words that are often used to describe those of us who are organized, words such as controlling, perfectionist, anal, OCD, neat freak, worry wart, and rigid, among others.All of the above have been used to refer to my personality and not necessarily in a good way.
While many people are in awe at my organizational and time management skills, many of those people also see these things as a downfall.They seem to feel that being so holds me back to a certain extent, mainly because it doesn’t allow m…