Pocket Angst

As you know, I have been contemplating the purchase of and downgrade to the pocket size Filo. First, I have to say that I have been thinking about this possibility so much this week. I can’t let it go – should I or shouldn’t I? What are the pros and cons? And if I do, how do I make it work? (You’d think I have an actual list in my planner, but believe it or not, I don’t.) This is the obsessive part of OCD, you see. I do tend to obsess over small things here and there. The big things, I don’t worry about them so much because I don’t have too much control over them. But the little things, I do, and I want to get it just right. Hence, the obsessive thoughts over this minor, minor decision. But I take it all in humor.

My biggest complaint of the possible downsizing is not will there be enough room for all of my information, because I have no doubt that I could indeed put all of my information in one without a problem. No, my biggest issue with the pocket size is the inserts. Currently, I use the month on two pages, the lined week on two pages, and the day planner pages. And I love each of these. I use them all every day. The day planner pages do not come in the pocket size here in the US. Nor can I get the week on two pages lined. I need those lines, though I could probably learn to live without them. But the lack of day planner pages, I’m not so sure about.

To test whether or not I could use the daily sheets in pocket size, I have been using them in my personal binder. Yes, it’s very doable but I still do not like them nearly as well as the day planner sheets. With the day planner pages, I have separate sections for everything I need: appointments, to dos, things to remember (anything I want to record throughout the day), and on the back, notes (exercise, food I ate, blood pressure readings, etc). With the daily sheets, I have to put everything on one page willy-nilly, no separate sections. Again, because of my OCD, this does not sit well with me. It’s just not easy to see what I have for each area. I could use colored pens or highlighters, which I did try. The colored pens I do use on my weekly sheets, but for the most part I organize these from home so it’s not an issue – the pens are always available. But on the go, that’s just one more thing I’d have to carry with me, one more thing I have to dig out of my bag and use, making the process more complicated than it needs to be. The highlighters bleed through the paper, making the other side a mess before I ever start using it. Neither is the optimal set up. But I am forcing myself to use the daily sheets for the entire week before I decide. I can tell you which way I am leaning, though but I’m sure you’ve figured that out for yourself.

So I got to thinking…why is it that I want to switch to the pocket size anyway? Haven’t I been happy with the personal up until now? Yes, I have. So what gives? To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even be contemplating the switch if switching to the pocket wasn’t all the rage right now. And as you also know, when it comes to planners, I’m all about all the rage. Plus, other people make using the pocket look so easy and lovely. I am in love with the pocket pictures in the Flickr group. Though, truth be told, I am in love with the Flickr group itself.

So what’s the damned big deal?

I have to say that I have been swept up in the Filo buying frenzy as of late, in the excitement of placing and receiving (or not, as the case may be) your order. That rush one gets when you see the package on your doorstep or in your mailbox or as you intercept the mailman so that your significant other doesn’t cry out in aguish, No! Not another new planner! I want that! It’s been over six months since I bought my last planner and I’m missing the joy you feel when you open the box, carefully unfold the Filofax tissue paper and take that first whiff of the leather. Then, as you gently yet eagerly run your trembling hands over the smooth leather, shivering with the prospect of how this new love will be used (and maybe abused). The first opening of the fresh new binder and the first time you write in its clean, virginal pages. YES!

I miss all of it.

I could indeed buy a new personal planner. But that would only consist of me transporting my current pages into a new binder, which is also good of course. But it’s like riding a bike – you’ve been there, done that, and although you enjoy the ride on your new bike, there’s nothing quite like doing it for the first time.

Where does all of this leave me? Well, I’m still going to look into the pocket planners. I am heading to New York City this weekend and will stop into Kate’s Paperie to look at their selection. I may buy one. I did go to my local store this afternoon to see if they had any 2010 pocket daily sheets to test in my pocket Kendal (the rings on the pocket Kendal are smaller than other pocket versions), but they did not. (They still don’t have their 2011 inserts either.) I did look at the pocket monthly sheets – boy, are they small! I can barely add my information in the personal monthly pages. I really don’t think I’ll be able to put anything but letters in the pocket version. I also was able to look through a pocket planner (with the bigger rings) to see if it’s even worth pursuing. It is, but I’m not sure how much. Again, all I can do is wait and see what I find in NYC.

More to come, yet again…


  1. Last time I was at Kate's (the one on Spring), a week or two ago, their supply of Filo stuff was down to about nothing, so if I were you, I'd call them first. Also, the starbucks right next door to it has been redone and is kind of awesome, IMHO.


  2. Ugh! That's the one I was going to go to. Sam Flax has a great selection but I won't be near one. Oh well. I'm not in a terrible rush to get anything, was just going to check it out. Come to think of it, when I was at that one in May they were pretty low too. Guess they haven't been replenished for 2011 yet. Will definitely check out the Starbucks though!

  3. Hello. I've been silently enjoying your blog for a while now, but thought I'd say hello and make a small suggestion. There's a really wonderful block of NYC you could visit, 18th St btwn 5th and 6th Aves.

    On the south side is an A.I. Friedman. They have a pretty good array of Filofax items. As at Sam Flax, their nicer binders are in a case, but the staff is very nice/helpful. Friedman has a large variety of notebooks, pens, and art supplies too.

    On the north side of 18th St is Paper Presentation; they have a respectable stock of Filofax inserts. They carry some binders, but they keep those behind the cash/wrap island, and I've never asked to look at them, so I can't vouch for the assortment. Paper Presentation also has what amounts to a warehouse of paper goods.

    There is another paper store on the north side of 18th (Print Icon), which sells paperstock on deep discount, worth checking out, but there are no Filofax items to my knowledge.

    There are two other reasons to visit 18th St: on the south side of the block, there is the Cupcake Cafe annex (I am not a huge fan of cupcakes, but Cupcake Cafe does make a truly beautiful and delicious treat!). On the south side is the venerable City Bakery. It can get pretty busy at times, but it's the perfect spot for people-watching and they do serve excellent coffees, teas, and pastries.

    If you know all about 18th Street's wonders already, sorry for the rehash. Whew, that's a long comment! Hope you have a lovely time in the city, wherever you wander.

  4. Welcome m.ng!

    Thanks for the NYC info! I'm not that familiar with that area, so any info is great! I'll be sure to put them on my list of places to visit when there, though I might not make it there this time. Soon though!

  5. I hear you about being swept away with all the new possiblilities. May I suggest that if you want to try the pocket and must have lines that you try making a line guide. Just take a note sheet, darken the lines, snip slits in the holes so it is easily movable, and if you like, cover it with contact paper for durability. Filofax aslo has two days a page in pocket that may give you more elbow room. You may want to consider the plannerstore.com they have lined weekly pages that are higher quality and more atractive. The great thing about a pocket is that it is so handy. If you only use your planner to plan and contact info, it works just as well as a personal. It also forces you to not add alot of distracting information and stay more focused (as does the slimline). The problem arises when you use the pocket for alot of details, journaling and notetaking. You would begin to feel cramped over time if this is the case. Some people will welcome this trade off for the handiness and portablity it provides.

  6. The easiness of the pocket is what I'm drawn to. The personal works very well for me except for when it gets to be too much to lug around. I did consider making my own pages but I didn't want to go through all of that work if I ended up not wanting to use that size. I think I have made up my mind on the issue though - will be blogging about that next (hopefully this weekend).


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