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Time Out

I have talked about not having enough time many times here on this blog.   For the last few months , it seems that time is a whirlwind, going by too fast, with too many things to do, and not enough time to get it all done.   I’m a very organized person, so I know how to keep track of my time.   But do I, really ?   I have several friends who never seem as crazed as I feel.   One friend even commented that I’m the busiest person she knows.   I find this very interesting considering she comes from a big family, many of whom have kids.   I often think how I don’t know what I’d do if I did have them, seeing as I barely have time now.   (Of course I realize that having kids would change everything, including my time and how I spend it.)   I’m often jealous of friends and family members who aren’t as busy.   How do they manage to have time to just relax?   And what exactly am I doing with my time that makes me so damned busy? That is really the question: what am I doing with my

Broken Today, Cool Things, and Good (Filo)keeping

Today’s post is a collection of random items. 1.   A Broken Today I always use two Today markers in my Filofax—one to mark the current month and one to mark the current day.   Somewhere along the line, I received a clear ruler, which I use for the month.   In the past, I used a black ruler for the current day.   The idea here was that I could see through the clear one to the black one behind it, but if I had the black one first (I keep my monthly sheets before my daily sheets), I wouldn’t necessarily see the clear one behind he black one.   I don’t know if this is really true, but this is how my OCD brain works.   Eventually I bought a frosted ruler to replace the black one since I prefer the clear(ish) rulers to the solid color ones.   Anyway, more often than not, I flip to my pages by using the bottom part of the today marker—with my thumb, I’ll flip the ruler itself to access whichever page I’m looking for.   The other day I did this with the clear ruler.   I didn’t th

I Have Named Her Gypsy

Visit Philofaxy to read all about her and her sister .

Friendly Intimacy: The Fifth Philofaxy NYC Meet Up

Yesterday we had a Philofaxy meet up in New York City.   We met at 1 pm at Sam Flax on Third Avenue, shopped a little, and then headed off to Le Pain Quotidien for lunch and filo chat.    There were five of us (Josh, Juan, Michele, Raquel, and myself), all of whom had attended meet ups before, though not at the same time.   Since we were all veterans to the practice, it was easy and fun, much like meeting old friends (and of course, we were!). I was a little early, arriving in the area around 12:30 pm.   So my husband and I went to Barnes & Noble for a bit.   By the time we got to Sam Flax around 12:55, everyone was already there.   So off my husband went to the Apple Store (and stopping at the Ferrari store as well—just to look), and I joined the rest of the group for some Filo shopping fun. First, I did manage to remember to get a photo of the window display. Notice Josh’s reflection in the glass. Then we went in and made a beeline right for the Filofax