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Planning and Organizing Projects and Hobbies

A few posts ago, I got a comment from a reader asking me to do a post on how I organize and plan my fun things.I had to think about this a little because, while I do plan and organize some things, other just kind of fall into place.So what follows isn’t necessarily a complete list of my “fun things,” but it’s a place to start.
As planners, we (or I) tend to plan and organize just about everything.My family always jokes that if I were ever committed of a crime, they could defend me by showing my planner to the judge and jury and saying “If it’s not in the planner, it didn’t happen.”This is (sadly, perhaps) true, though only to an extent.While many things—most things—are planned, some are not.I guess it depends on what can be constituted as a planned event or something that just happens.(In those cases, I fill in the event later, for record-keeping purposes; it’s fun to look back and see what I did on any given date.)
Things like hanging out with friends or family are scheduled in my pla…

Things I Love: Fall Switchovers (With a Bit of Reluctance)

It’s no secret that I love fall.But even though I love it, I’m hesitant to head towards it this year.We had such a hard, cold, snowy, long winter last year that I wouldn’t be sad if I didn’t see any of it for another three years.Plus, the summer was not all that hot this year—we had perfect weather (sunny and high-70s/low-80s most days) but it’s not the norm.Usually we have several days (if not weeks) where the temperature reaches over 90 degrees.So usually, by the time September rolls around, I am ready and looking forward to the cool, crisp days ahead.But not this year.
To be fair, it’s not fall that I’m not looking forward to; it’s the cold, dark days that follow.January through March is tough for me.I’d be happy if our winter lasted from December through the end of January and we’d go right into spring.But that’s not the climate in which I live.
With all of this said, I finally decided that life is too short to worry about what has yet to happen, especially with something as small a…

Petal, the Gardening Filo

If you read this post, you know that we had a lot of household items to take care of this summer.I was itching to get it all done as quickly as possible, but sometimes you have to take your time and spread out the expenses and the tasks.Thankfully, we got a good deal of our list completed.And while we didn’t get everything done, we got to a point where we can pick up again next spring.
We cleared out our front garden and planted some new flowers and trees.

Our first plant purchase was two dwarf Japanese maples.

I have always wanted these little guys because of their beautiful red leaves.But since we have such a small area to work with, we bought the dwarf variety.They shouldn’t get too much taller than they are now, but they should fill out nicely, making for a “weeping” look.Next spring we will plant some low-lying flowers to fill in the dirt better.
We also planted a few hostsa plants.

These actually came from out back garden.We didn’t get to plant anything new back there, but we cleaned…

Knitted Scarves 2014

I don’t often have time to knit.I started back in 2007 and haven’t really progressed very much, simply due to the fact that I have very little time to devote to it, and when I can squeeze in some time, I spend it working on things I know I can accomplish, rather than learning new stitches.I do hope to progress at some point.But for now, this is where I am, and I’m accepting it.
With that said, I did get to complete three projects this year.
Well, actually, now that I look back, it would seem as though this first project was started in 2013. So I’m even more behind on posting about my projects than I am on completing them.But that’s okay, too.
I knitted this scarf for a friend of mine.

I bought a yarn that I knew she would like (pink being the only requirement) and didn’t follow a pattern.I simply used the knit and purl stitches, knitting for 10 rows and purling for 2 (if memory serves me correctly).
Here you can see the pattern up close:

This year, I completed two more scarves, both the sam…