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Bookshelf Re-organization

Back in September, I did a guest post for Bluebonnet Reads on how I organize my books and my bookshelf.Since then, I’ve reorganized my system.I tossed my 15-year-old second-hand bookshelves, purged old books, reorganized my layout, and added a few new items.I absolutely LOVE the result.
First, if you haven’t read my previous post (linked above) it will give you some insight as to what books I purchase (as opposed to borrow from the library) and why.You can also see how I organize my to-read list of titles (that system hasn’t changed as it still works very well for me).The original post will show you what my bookshelf system was like, but we’ll start there for this post as well.
I’m slightly OCD when it comes to organizing my bookshelves.I like to group all titles of one author together and similar types of titles together, such as non-fiction or young adult fiction but only in the case of when I don’t have more than one from an author (because otherwise they are grouped together by that…

T2 Yoga Bag: A Product Review

This post is long overdue.I bought this bag last fall, October to be precise.I meant to do a post then, but life gets in the way and other, more pressing topics came up.So without further ado, here is a product review nine months in the making.
I had been searching for a yoga bag for a while.I had been using Timbuk2’s Scrunchie tote for this purpose, which worked well.(You can read my review of this bag that I posted to the Bagsey blog.)So the question is, if this bag worked so well, why did I switch?
Because of a new T2 yoga bag (for some reason, it looks like the bag itself is no longer available, but it’s the bag the girl in the picture is using).While the Scrunchie held my yoga mat beautifully, it was a little too big for what I actually carried.This yoga bag allows me to carry my yoga supplies as well as my mat without leaving me with a ton of room leftover.With the Scrunchie, you almost need to fill the bag in order for it to hold the mat correctly.I now use the Scrunchie bag to c…

Someday, Someday, Maybe: A Book Review and Filo Sighting

A while back, I teased you all with a post about Someday, Someday, Maybe, a book featuring Filofax.Obviously, there is more to the book than that, but that is what caught my eye and made me read it.I bought the book figuring I would want to own such a treasure—it’s s good thing I did since it has taken me almost three months to read it and finally get a review up.I did finish it a while ago, but I’m only getting around to reviewing it now.On the whole, it was an okay book—it’s your typical chick lit read.
Franny Banks is an aspiring actress in New York City.She works as a waitress when she’s not acting.She has a quasi-boyfriend, finds a real one, and of course questions whether or not he’s right for her.She has given herself a deadline of six months to get her life in order, which is where the Filofax comes in to play.Can she do it?Does she end up with the boyfriend?After many dead-end leads, does her acting career fall apart?These are the questions that are answered by the end of the …