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Inside an Impromptu “Nerdy” Conversation

While I don’t make a point to discuss work here, I will occasionally discuss work indirectly, insofar as it may pertain to organizing and the like.
A couple of weeks ago I attended a countywide meeting for work.The purpose of this meeting was to discuss various programs each library had done.One woman talked about a series of programs her library had done, and in particular discussed how all publicity for these programs were designed alike to show that it was a series and not independent programs.During her discussion, she mentioned how OCD she and her team members are, that they all needed to have a cohesive look where the flyers were concerned, etc.(But as any good designer/marketer will tell you, this is how it should be.)I was excited because I can totally relate.
As we all know, I am OCD in many ways.And while some of my coworkers might be considered OCD, they cannot be classified as such in the same way that I am.They might be very particular about how something looks or gets done…

Cleaning Routine: Schedule & Planning

One of the reasons I feel overwhelmed and out of time on the weekends is because I don’t get much done at home during the week.After working all day, driving an hour (total) commute, cooking dinner, cleaning up, etc., there’s not much time for anything else, which means that all of those things that don’t get done during the week have to be crammed in to the weekend.And of course there are plenty of things that get added to my weekend list: errands, cleaning, church, blog writing, relaxing, prepping for the upcoming week, and anything I might want to do with friends or family.It’s a lot to manage in a two-day time frame, especially because, inevitably, I never get to it all.
Some things have to happen, while other things are just items that I would like to do.More often than not, I end up rescheduling something or other.Typically, one of those somethings is cleaning.I end up doing a half-assed quick-clean job or neglecting it altogether.True, the house will not fall down if I don’t cle…

2015 System and Thoughts

Happy 2015 and welcome back to regular blog posts!I can’t believe how fast 2014 came and went.Now, the holidays are over and put away, and we’re starting another new year.I also can’t believe I’m starting my 6th year of blogging.It’s been a great ride, and I hope it continues for many more years to come.
So what’s happening in the world of Well Planned Life?A lot, but even still, not much has changed.
My system is pretty much the same as it was throughout 2014 and still running smoothly.If you remember, I did a complete overhaul of my system, added new and updated current notebooks and binders to help keep my life (in all aspects) on track, and sorted out how all 5 books would work together to keep me organized.It is a lot to keep up with; I will say that.But working with all of these books has helped me keep track of my tasks and appointments, as well as my emotional and mental wellbeing.(My physical wellbeing still needs some work, but more on that in a bit.)
My planner system is still…