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I am a public librarian in New York.  I am often sarcastic, which sometimes doesn't always come across technology very well.  I tend to overuse emoticons to compensate.  ;)  I LOVE anything to do with day planners, time management, productivity, and organization.  I also enjoy reading, knitting, biking, kayaking, hiking, running, and yoga.  I started this blog to discuss my organizational angst and it grew from there.  I pretty much discuss just about anything that's on my mind.  

A majority of my readers found me via Philofaxy, a planner, planner, notebook, time management blog.  If you have never been there, I urge you to visit, as I can't say enough about the community that surrounds this wonderful blog.  (The content is awesome too!)

If you have any questions regarding my blog or would like me to write about something specific, please email me at wellplannedlifeblog AT gmail Dot com.  Please refer to the blog in your subject.

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Thanks for reading!