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Planner Lists

It’s been a little over a month since my last post.Cappuccino has been busy keeping my crazy weekends organized and well planned.(I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this binder.It was worth every penny, and I have no desire to move out of it any time soon.)Since first writing about my new Van der Spek binder, I have been to Philadelphia and New York City, done volunteer work (twice), worked a couple of weekends, gone to a Mother’s Day brunch, and gone back to Philadelphia.Now she’s helping me to relax during my vacation at home.

This is a list of things to I’d like to accomplish while I’m off this week.But it’s a loose list, meaning if I don’t get to cross these items off my list, it’s okay—this is just what I would like to get done.
I started this list a few weeks ago.Since my weekends have been so busy, there have been a lot of things that I didn’t get to (blogging is one of those things).So I created this list as a way to get to some of these items while I’m off.I added things as t…