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A List of Lists

In response to Laurie’s recent blog post, I thought I’d put my two cents in on this subject as well. (I did write a little about this not too long ago – this post will provide further details of my lists.) I too am a master of lists. I have so many (and some color coded – nerdy, yes) that it bogs people’s minds – and seems to amaze them as well. Surprisingly though, I don’t get confused with all of my lists. Perhaps it’s because I tend to move items from one list to another so that I’m not looking at 50 lists at a time, but only one or two. And I try to make them as visible as possible.

So here we go:

First some background information: I am currently using two planners – a Slimline Guildford that goes with me pretty much everywhere, stocked only with the essential items I would need out and about. I also use a personal Jade Finchley that holds everything else and stays home. In addition to having lists in both Filos, I also keep various lists in my Google Documents – mainly, these lists…

Out With the (C)Old and In With the New

Since it is now officially spring and the weather is acting accordingly (at least for now) in New York, I’ve decided it’s time to switch out my black Kendal Filo for the more spring-like Jade Finchley. While I’ll still be using my black Slimline for anything on-the-go, the Finchley will act as the at-home “mother ship.”

I love the Finchley (though I love all of my planners and have a use for each one). The leather is soft and smells wonderful. The jade color is perfect for spring – not too bright, not too washed out. Like the warmer weather, the budding flora and emerging fauna, the change in planner brings with it the hope of all things spring and great things to come for the summer!

I feel like a new me is emerging as well.

Happy Spring!!!

Planner Ink

Like many people, I color code certain events in my planner. It can be a bit daunting, tedious, and time consuming, but I tend to find that if I don’t use different colors, nothing stands out for me. And that’s a problem. At a quick glance, I need to see what type of items or events are coming up.

My main pen of choice is Uniball’s Jetstream RT. I use this pen for just about everything, minus the colored events in my planner. What it does get used for as far as my planner goes is any list I make – to-dos, project information, shopping lists, and general information. I use it to jot down my daily to-dos on the day/week/month of choice. I also this pen for general writing at work. The ink is dark and smooth like a gel pen but is smear-resistant like a ball point pen. It’s the best of both worlds.

For my colors, I use the Sharpie Pen. I have a hard time finding all the colors I need. Many ball points come in the array of colors I look for, but I find them to be too light. If the ink is too…

Tabs, Tabs, Tabs!: What’s Behind Each

Recently, Filofax US had a free shipping special – spend $25 and get free shipping for your order. How could I resist (even though I had just spent about $20 there)? Among other items, I ordered 3 packs of blank tabs. I decided that using the Filofax pre-made tabs just weren’t cutting it. Upon arrival, I decided which sections to include.

Also, for those wondering if I’d continue using the personal size, I reverted back to my Slimline Filo as an on-the-go planner while using the Kendal Personal for everything else, which stays home. While I missed everything in my Kendal, I also started to miss the slimness and ease of the Slimline. Keeping everything with me is ideal, but honestly, I don’t need to refer to all of that all of the time and lugging it around when I don’t need it just doesn’t make sense.

So, after updating my 2 Filos, here’s what I’ve got, in detail (as per request – thanks Laurie!):

Slimline Guildford:

Numbers – A list of needed phone numbers while not at home – emergency …