Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Yesterday I emailed Filofax US and asked them to reconsider their decision not to carry the Malden. The response was that they will indeed be carrying that binder soon! It’s due to arrive this fall, probably in October.

I’d like to think my inquiry had something to do with this, but I know better. The wheels were already in motion and I happened to ask at the right time.

I’ll definitely be saving my money between now and then. I’m also very happy that I will not have to pay the UK shipping fees.


  1. This is great news!! And, whether your request actually made them decide to carry the Malden or not, I am a firm believer in giving feedback to companies and requesting what you want. Smart companies will comply to their customers' requests whenever they can!

    Looking forward to your Malden post later this fall! ;D

  2. Yay!

    I emailed Filofax US about the Malden mid-July and they told me that it would not be available in the US at all! So, your inquiry may in fact have something to do with their decision to carry it here.

    I'll be saving my pennies, too.

  3. Laurie - I'm looking forward to writing it! - I would say their decision had more to do with your email, seeing as you emailed them a few weeks ago. Or maybe they're up on all the buzz that's been going on in the Filo world. I really, really hope it's not a matter of miscommunication, that one person will get one answer and another a different one. I have this one in writing though and I'll hold it over their heads if I have to. ;)

  4. I suspect that the popularity of the Malden, in part indicated by the multiple emails Filofax US received, made them reconsider. I don't think any other binder's been so raved about in the blogosphere and Flickr.

  5. This is true. In my experience, I don't think anyone has wanted an binder to be carried in the US as much.


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