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A Tale of Three Page Markers

For quite some time I have used two pages markers, one for my monthly spread…

…and one for my daily spread.

I can see where the current month and day are, whether from the top or bottom of my planner.

This has worked well.I am easily able to find my monthly and/or daily pages with a flip of one marker or the other.
I recently bought more storage boxes from Franklin Covey for archiving purposes, and while shopping, I clicked on their page markers.I have always been fascinated with their pager markers because they have a slip pocket for putting slips of paper in.So I bought one of those as well and put it among my daily pages.

I immediately moved in to that slip pocket.

Here I put a list of items that I need to work on sooner rather than later, things that can’t be forgotten behind a tab somewhere.Having it here, I see the list every day—multiple times a day, really—and so I am constantly reminded of these things that need to be attended to.
I also like that the FC Compact page finder is shape…