My Other Passions in Life

Since I started this blog, I have let my creative side flourish just a little bit. I used to have a different blog, several years ago, and it was really for me and three of my friends to read. I really enjoyed it. I have always loved writing. So it seemed fitting when last December I started a blog about my biggest passion – planners and organizing. I have loved doing this. I continue to love it and hope I will continue to keep this blog up and running for a long time to come.

However, I have been itching to tell some new stories lately. Nothing terribly exciting, nothing earth-shattering. Just some additional musings outside of planners and organizing. So, in the future, you may see some new topics here – some that are closely related to the posts I’ve already made and some new ideas. They may be few and far between. But that’s okay – I’ll write when I have a topic in mind and when I think someone may want to read it.

I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Yes! Can't wait to read them...

  2. Thanks! I have to start a list for this too.

  3. Can't wait :)

    I find that with blogging, writing about the things you love will come the easiest, and will often also be your best work too.

  4. I agree. Hopefully I can entertain some of you as well. ;)


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