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My Filofax Week: January 28 – February 3, 2013

Last Sunday, as I was preparing the upcoming week… …I also removed January (minus the remaining days) from the compact and added in March pages. I love seeing the return of color on my monthly tabs .  I’m very much looking forward to spring! Other highlights from this week include: A ridiculous amount of Martha Stewart stickies (as always): Getting up close and personal with my inserts and rings: A well thought-out errand list: Changing out my humidifier filter and cleaning the inside of my coffee pot: And the biggest event: Enjoy the Super Bowl !

Filo On Location: Tampa, Florida

Last weekend, I attended a family gathering in Tampa, Florida .   We all had a great time—I was basking in the warmth, dreading coming home to snow and freezing cold temperatures (while I need and love my seasons, come mid-January, I’m already looking forward to spring and the warmer weather, especially when I get an early taste of it). New to the travel scene was Beauford ; of course, I got a few snapshots of his very first airplane vacation.  (He did not get wild and crazy—this time—as others have been known to do.) Although a little shaky, I managed to get Beauford—in all his working glory (notice the papers sticking out of the top)—on the airplane with his complimentary snack. Once we checked into the hotel and rested for a while, we took out some tourism brochures to see if we could plan something fun. He even played nice with technology. (Review of my awesome new iPad cover forthcoming.) Although most of our time was spent with family

My Filofax Week: January 21 – 27, 2013

If you’ve been following along , you know that I’m participating in Paper Lovestory ’s “ My Filofax Week ” series. This week, I’m highlighting the trip I just returned from and some upcoming weekend fun. We just returned from visiting family in Tampa, Florida .   My husband and I took an extra day to go to the beach.   We headed to Treasure Island and took a little drive up the coast.   We had dinner with family at Gator’s Dockside , where hubby and I both had fried alligator tail (much like chicken, though less dense).   Then we played a game of Phase 10 , as family favorite. The next day we traveled back home. This upcoming weekend, we have to take Winston to the vet for his checkup (always a treat for all of us as he hates his crate, hates the car, and hates the vet).   Later, we will be hitting up Ikea for some furniture ideas, and then heading to our friends’ house for game night.   You can see that I need to pick up a couple of items for the festiviti

Introducing Beauford, the Travel Filo

I have been looking for a permanent use for my Black Slimline Guilford .   I have now found one.   Beauford (originally I wanted to name him Gilbert, but I vaguely recall that someone else has maybe already used that name for a Filo…) is perfect for the job of travel filo.   He’s slim, sleek, professional, and gets the job done quickly without complaint.   Even though I use a compact binder for everyday use, when traveling via airplane, this binder can’t be beat. Let’s take a look at his set up. First, here he is in all his delicious leather glory: You can see how trim he is, especially compared to Reggie , the compact Regency: Of course, Beauford is empty of inserts here, but this gives you an idea of how I need to trim down what I carry when he’s in use. And here he is compared to my household personal Malden : Here are all three together: The reason Beauford is the best binder for this job of traveling is because of his small rings (whi

Guest Post: Georgecm’s Filofax Journey: Part 1: Introduction to Filofax

Today we have a very special guest post.  Many of you are familiar with Georgecm’s fabulous Flickr page where his Filo can often be found at the store , the car wash , working very hard to keep things in line, or indulging in a delicious cinnamon bun and “the addiction.”   George has agreed to do two guest posts for this blog—here is part 1: Kanalt asked me to do a guest blog about my Filofax and Filofax journey for “Well Planned Life,” and I was happy and honored to do so.  What follows is my journey to using a Filo.  So here we go. I started using a notebook many years ago when I first started my career as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army.  My first Company Commander, who was an incredible role model and mentor for me, always used a basic notebook, where he wrote everything down.  He was one of the most professional, dedicated, loyal, organized, and resourceful officers that I ever met and had the privilege to serve with.  So I followed his example and starte

My Filofax Week: Introduction

I am joining in Paper Love Story’s “My Filofax Week.”   For those unfamiliar with the details, you can read about it about here .   Basically, it’s a glimpse into one’s planner by posting pictures of your current week.   Since I don’t use weekly inserts, I will choose a few of my daily pages to highlight each week.   My goal is to run a post in this series during the week.   I usually only get to post entries on the weekend, and I’ve been wanting to find the time to post during the week.   This series will allow me to do just that—it’s a quick enough post that I should be able to get a few pictures up and not make my readers wait a full week (sometimes more) before posting something new.   Most often, you can expect these posts on Thursdays, though they might appear on a different day depending on my schedule.   On the left-hand side of the blog, there is a “My Filofax Week” link that will allow you to see all posts in the series.   Additionally, I have a “My Filofax Week” set de

Archiving 2012

With the start of every year and the preparation of inserts comes the archiving of the past year.   Last January, I explained how I archive my old inserts .   In February, I explained why I archive my old inserts .   In August, I showed how I prep for the upcoming year once I receive the inserts.   So now the time comes to discuss archiving my 2012 inserts. My system isn’t all that different from what it was.  However, I have made one small change—I swapped out my archival box.  I have received a lot of positive feedback on the old box, people asking where I got it and what the dimensions are.  Truthfully, I don’t know.  It came as one of many in a set that was given to me as a gift (picture me at my wedding shower, opening a large box to reveal a smaller box, which revealed a smaller box, and so on and so on).  If I had to guess, I’d say it came from The Container Store , something very similar to this .  For the purpose of archiving my past inserts, I simply chose the box t

Planning Sweet Spot

I have always been drawn to possibility.   Growing up, my favorite day of the week was Friday (and it still is, but maybe for different reasons these days), not because it was the last day of the week, but because it was the start of the “anything-can-happen” mentality.   School was school, but the weekends were for hanging out with friends, for seeing where the day would take me, for fun things to happen.   My favorite part wasn’t the actual events, but rather the anticipation of what could happen.   The world was my oyster and savoring it all before it ever happened was the sweetest part for me.   Friday was the “sweet spot” where I could reflect and anticipate whatever may happen—the possibilities were endless. Another sweet spot includes the moment the meal you’ve been anticipating is delivered to your table, and before you dive in, you look at the colors, the display of yumminess, the scent of the blended flavors, and then, the first bite.  And just this year, I realized th

A New Year’s Winner!

Happy New Year to my followers all around the world!   I hope you had a great holiday season and that 2013 brings you all joy, peace, health and happiness.   My New Year was uneventful; we celebrated quietly at home.   But after all the rushing around the past several weeks, it was a welcome change. Now, for the winner of my Christmas “Boo to the Mayan Calendar” Giveaway … Number 2 – 45AdS ! Congratulations!!! Email me at kanalt17 at Gmail DOT com by Sunday, January 6, 9 a.m. (New York time) with your details, and I will send them out soon. Thanks to all who participated. I’ll be back to regular posts starting this weekend.  I have a ton of ideas to discuss and several projects to start, all of which will be revealed and discussed here throughout 2013.