Filofax Timeline

I have been hard at work setting up my new A5 Finchley. It’s been taking me a while since I’ve been getting only snippets of time to work on it. I will post a review of how it’s being used and its setup when all is done, accompanied by pictures, of course. One of the lists I’ve created for the A5 is a timeline of my Filofax purchases. So, while I work on my A5 setup and subsequent post, you can read about my Filo acquisitions (date and order are listed to the best of my memory):

June 2007 – Personal Chocolate Domino – birthday gift from friend

February 2008 – Mini Black Domino – purchased from Filofax

April 2008 – Personal Teal Miami – purchased from eBay

May 2008 – Chocolate Classic Slimline – Purchased from Filofax

Summer 2008 – Personal Chocolate Classic – Purchased from Pens & Leather

December 2008 – Personal Blue Finsbury – Purchased from Kate’s Paperie

Winter 2009 – Personal Jade Finchley – Purchased from Pens & Leather

Spring 2009 – Pocket Brown Kendal – Purchased from Pens & Leather

Summer 2009 – Personal Kendal Black – Purchased from Pens & Leather

August 2009 – Personal Black Domino – Purchased from The Container Store

Fall 2009 – Personal Green Richmond – Given to me by a friend

Fall 2009 - Personal Red Domino – Given to me by a friend

November 2009 – Guildford Slimline – Purchased from Pens & Leather

April 2010 – Gave Personal Miami to a friend

June 2010 – Personal Black Guildford – Given to me by a reader

July 2010 – A5 Red Finchley – Given to me by a reader


  1. 14 planners ... not a bad collection at all!
    I think this timeline is a cool idea ! Might just copy you! Hehehe.

  2. Thanks. I was trying to remember one day when I had gotten them all, so I thought I'd make a list (what a novel idea!). Feel free to copy. I'd love to hear about it.


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