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5 Weeks of Celebrating 5 Years: Week 5

We are at the fifth and final week of celebrating my 5-year blogging anniversary!
This past spring we visited family.My sister-in-law had bought a Chocolate A5 Classic (previously known as the Cross) from Filofax but decided that she didn’t want it.So she passed it along to me in the hope that I would find a good home for it.Currently, I don’t have a need for an A5.So I asked if she would mind if I raffle it off as part of my 5-year giveaway.
You can see the features of the binder below:

A full set of blank tabs.

A5 notepaper.

An A5 Today ruler.

Perfectly aligned rings.

One sheet of four open-top pockets.

A pocket for a note pad at the back.

This binder is in near-perfect condition and has not been used.
This is a very generous offer from my sister-in-law, so I do ask one thing of all who enter the give-away: Please do not enter the contest just to turn around and sell the planner should you win.Obviously I cannot control what

5 Weeks of Celebrating 5 Years: Week 4

We are at week four of celebrating my 5-year blogging anniversary!
I don’t decorate my planner pages.While I like the look of some decorated pages, I find it too distracting to use myself.However, I am all about the color-coding so that topics for all of my entries jump out at me, even before I read what I have written down.
Currently my color-coding system is: Red – work schedule and notesAqua – personal appointmentsPurple – food trackingLight Green – exercise trackingDark Green – due datesOrange – random general notes, including blog informationBrown – weather tracking and unimportant notations (like the New York Giants)Pink – important notations such as medicine and birthdays/anniversaries
General blue is used for all personal tasks and writing; general black is used for all work tasks and writing.
This system allows me a quick visual of what area(s) need attention on a certain day.
My pen(s) of choice for my color-coding is the Pilot High Tec C Coleto, 4 barrel.I love that I can have an…

5 Weeks of Celebrating 5 Years: Week 3

We are at week three of celebrating my 5-year blogging anniversary!
Another favorite product of mine is Post-its by 3M.(You can see some of my collection here.)I especially love the different designs they have come out with in recent years.I have yet to see all of them, but I’m working on collecting as many as I can just because it’s fun.I have, however, managed to get up a small collection for one lucky winner!

Here we have mushrooms, acorns, and hedgehogs.I also found this little daily/weekly sticky pad (made by Studio 18, not Post-it brand), which doesn’t seem to have its own website.But you can see a range of their products at Amazon.What you see is one sheet per week, broken down into daily sections.These notes would be great for daily/weekly to dos, kids’ chores, meal planning, or any other idea you can think of.And Post-its make great stocking stuffers if you’re looking for ideas there.
To Enter: Be sure to leave a comment below, as that’s the only way to enter the give-away.Entri…