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Things I Love: Coloring!

I am not artistic, at least not the way one might pick up a paintbrush or drawing pencils and create something from scratch.I can barely draw a stick figure, and that is not an exaggeration; I seriously cannot draw a straight line.However, just like I can follow a recipe pretty well, I can color inside some pre-determined lines.(While I can follow a recipe, I am not good at just whipping something up from the leftover ingredients in my refrigerator.I seem to need guidelines; rules, if you will.)
I have liked coloring since I was little, but I never really gave it much thought.I actually have colored on and off during my adult life, but it never became a habit at all.When the adult coloring craze came along, well, I got hooked.In addition to it being fun, there are many reports that it’s good for you, that it promotes mindfulness, and gives you the same (or near) benefits of mediation.(How true that is, I cannot say, because, as I understand it, the point of meditation is to do nothing …