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Mini Filofax Meet Up, New Hampshire Style

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that Yvotchka and I had plans to meet up and discuss all things Filofax. It was a good day.

First we met at a location in the middle of where Yvotchka lives and where I’m vacationing. After actually finding each other in said location, we headed out for lunch and beer to fuel up for Filofax shopping. We chatted about Filos, men, work, food, etc.

After lunch, we headed to The Country Cobbler, the only retailer in the area who sells Filofax. In terms of Filofax, this is one of the oddest stores I have ever been in. Its main product is leather goods for bikers. They also carry leather bags and wallets and the like. But mixed in with these leather items are tutus and shiny metallic leotards for children (see picture above*). And squeezed into the corner of the shop is one small kiosk for a very minimal Filofax collection. Most of the binders they have are older models, though some of them are in newer colors (Cuban in Ink, for example). The inserts…

Exciting Things

Despite the lack of time I have had lately, I have some exciting (to me) projects that I would like to work on.

I have dedicated a section in my Filo to myself, which came about as a result of an idea Laurie had. But upon further thinking about it, I decided to dedicate an entire binder to me. When I have a moment, I am going to set up this binder. I plan on using my personal Jade Finchley, which is currently sitting on a shelf awaiting use. I decided to use this binder for this purpose because I love the Finchley and because green is one of my favorite colors (yellow is also but I have yet to see a Filofax binder that is an acceptable shade). So this is a perfect fit for a “Me” binder. I have been brainstorming ideas as to what I will include in this binder. So far I have the following sections (subject to change at any time):
Health Yoga Resistance trainingRaces The “Me” Project (this includes the information under my current “Me” tab) Notes (includes goals and wish lists as well as…

Behold! The Malden Arrives

After much anticipation and months of waiting, the Malden is finally available in the US. I have been waiting since August when I emailed Filofax asking them to carry this item. The pictures and posts from other people have had me wanting this binder with a vengeance.

On October 1 I checked the Filofax US website but didn’t see anything regarding the Malden. It was only a few days later when I saw Steve’s comment on Philofaxy that I realized it was available. I promptly headed over to the site to purchase it.

It arrived two days later. I’m very happy with it. I moved into it immediately. I was contemplating tweaking my system a bit but decided to keep things as they are. The front pockets hold any business cards I want to carry, a Filofax jot pad, and papers I need to have with me. I have not yet figured out what to put into the zippered front pocket – it can hold my pen but makes the binder bumpy. Maybe one day I’ll find a use for it. For now, it’s empty. The first item in the binder i…