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Quo Vadis Journal 21

I have been an admirer of Quo Vadis planners for a while now.  While I had not purchased any planners or notebooks from them, I perused the options often.  I love the way a bound planner looks and how it works for so many people.  For me, for my planner, only rings will do.  I love the versatility and flexibility rings provide when it comes to planning my days.  However, I do love the look of the Quo Vadis Journal 21.  I love the large open space of each day.  I love the timed slots.  I love the potential that comes with this book.
Some time in late summer, I bought a 2017 Journal 21 to try out, thinking I might like to use it as a planner for 2018, just to try something different.  Upon arrival, I promptly moved in, copying all of my appointments and tasks over.  And before I was finished, I knew it wasn’t going to work for me.  Sadly, I left the 2017 Journal 21 mostly unused.
That didn’t stop me from entering the Journal 21 giveaway Quo Vadis ran in September, however.  I figured, if …

Planner Update (January 2018)

Here’s a quick little 2018 planner update!
Basically, everything is the same as before, though there are some slight changes, which I will cover in separate posts going forward.  I have been using my two Van der Spek binders--Cappuccino and Daisy--rotating them depending on the seasons.
Currently I’m using my Cappuccino binder (for fall and winter).

Upon opening, I still have a fall picture of Vermont with a quote I love: “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.”

On the back side of the that, I have my Vermont “Love” sticker.

For this year, I also stuck a sticky note there with a quote for 2018: