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2019 Focus Points

--> I said that I didn’t want to name goals for the New Year.   So I’m not.   Rather than calling them goals, I’m calling them focus points.   I don’t want to set a goal that I may or may not achieve, given my unsettled life at the moment.   That’s too much pressure for me for right now.   Calling them focus points allows me to name some things I want to work on without the (self-imposed) pressure of reaching a specific end point or finish line.   So I guess I’m making resolutions rather than goals, though I don’t want to call it that either because it makes things more “official.”   Trying to keep things light and flexible is where I’m at right now.   I have been thinking a lot about what I want for this upcoming year and for my life in general.   I don’t want to list big long-term, life-changing goals just yet.   I am starting small and what unfolds from there is anyone’s guess. So what’s on my list? ·        more me (putting what I need first) ·      

The Turn of Another Year

Hello, readers [pokes head around the corner]. I am still here, believe it or not.   It’s has almost been a year since my last post.   I so wanted to get more blogging done , but it just didn’t happen.   Oh well.   On to what’s next… So many thoughts are jumbling around in my head; I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost, I started off 2018 with writing this post .   Having just reread it, I have to tell you… not much has changed.   And yet, so much has changed.   I’m still not ready to get into details, but I’ll do my best to explain without them. I did not set out with specific goals for 2018.   That is, I didn’t declare them or write them down.   I had a few ideas floating around in my head and I sort of just went with the ebb and flow of them and the alterations of them.   I have made some changes, some strides, and still feel stuck, though maybe a more accurate description is that I feel stuck in a new way. I have moved forward

Down the Rabbit Hole

I may have fallen down the rabbit Sparrow hole. Yes, I bought my first Chic Sparrow Traveler’s Notebook!   (I may have also bought my second and third, too, but let’s start at the beginning.) I have known about Chic Sparrow for some time.   I don’t recall where I first heard of them, but most likely from Carie Harling’s blog and/or YouTube channel .   In any event, I have had my eye on these for quite some time.   However, having had Traveler’s Notebook fail in the past, I had refrained from jumping in. Until this year. For some reason, I just decided to order a Chic Sparrow.   I perused the options, and ended up with my choice.   In truth, I knew, even before I made my first purchase, that I’d be going back for more.   So it was really just a matter of choosing where to start. So where did I start?   Let’s see… I figured the best place to start was with my health journal.   I already had a green Moleskine set up for this, and I knew what els