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Cappuccino: My First Van der Spek

Ever since their arrival within the planning community (or least, ever since I have known about them), I have wanted a Van der Spek binder.I knew it would happen one day, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.
For anyone not familiar with their brand, Van der Spek (VDS as it is lovingly referred to) is a leather goods company in the Netherlands.They make many different products, planners and organizers included.I can’t speak towards the other products, but the planners are made from genuine leather.They are handmade.The quality is impeccable.Their customer service is amazing.Sure, with this kind of craftsmanship, you will pay a little more.But in my opinion, it is worth the extra cost to know that you are getting something that is handmade and of great quality.
Did I mention that you can customize your own planner?As in, you choose the layout and colors?Add that to the quality of what you’re getting, and you can’t go wrong (except for maybe a lot—a lot— of indecision of the plannin…

Spirituality (Traveler’s) Notebook Update

It’s been just about a year since first mentioning my Spirituality Notebook.I have made a few small changes, which one of my readers asked me to go over.You can read the background of this book in the linked post above, but to sum up the major details, the notebook I’m using for this purpose is a traveler’s notebook made by Ray Blake, and its purpose is to focus on things that I’m grateful for, things that I’m concerned about, and quotes that motivate me.This notebook also houses projects and notes related to my church, as I am involved in a few committees there.Having all things spiritual in once place is great.Plus, I find that it’s a great use for this awesome book!

First, I have three sections in my (regular size) book.

Inside the front cover of the book, there is a small pocket, which I use to keep lined Post-its for random notes and a business card from the Goulet Pen Company.The refill notebooks mentioned below were purchased from Goulet.I love the design of their business cards,…