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Things I Love: Naps!

We all know the drill: when you’re little, you’d give anything not to have to take nap.You rail against it.You fight it.You cry and kick and complain.You wear yourself out until you just fall asleep, giving into what you were fighting in the first place.
When we’re older, we’d give anything to sneak in a nap.
Well, at least that’s been my experience, especially here in the US where we value hard work and perseverance over rest and relaxation (generally speaking).
I don’t really remember kicking and screaming and fighting against naps, but man, did I hate the idea of stopping my play in order to take a nap.But what I hated more was that someone told me to do just that.
These days, naps are a luxury.Catching a little rest in the middle of the day is so rare and so special.I look forward to and revel in those days when I can actually partake in this glorious ritual.My naps are sacred.There are rules for napping, rules that cannot be messed with in order to achieve the perfect nap.
Here are my…

Travelers Notebook to Moleskine – A Change In Notebooks

Why can’t we notebook lovers just stick to something simple, stick to one brand, stick to one system?
Because it’s too much fun to try new things, that’s why.
And I, apparently, am easily swayed.
A few months ago, I wrote about my Traveler’s Notebook.Simply put, I was using it as a spirituality notebook.I had three books in the leather cover—one for a church committee, one for a second church committee, and one for motivational quotes and gratitude lists.It was great having all of these things in one book.
However, I noticed that it was difficult using this notebook as whole, especially when it came to writing in it while it sat on my lap.I found that the books would shift, moving off of the notebook behind it.In addition, using the front and/or back notebooks meant that one side was much higher than the other.Basically, I spent more time fiddling with it than I did actually writing in it.
As much as I loved it, it was distracting.
The reason for this could be that there’s only one band in …