My Filofax Week: January 21 – 27, 2013

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’m participating in Paper Lovestory’s “My Filofax Week” series.

This week, I’m highlighting the trip I just returned from and some upcoming weekend fun.

We just returned from visiting family in Tampa, Florida.  My husband and I took an extra day to go to the beach.  We headed to Treasure Island and took a little drive up the coast.  We had dinner with family at Gator’s Dockside, where hubby and I both had fried alligator tail (much like chicken, though less dense).  Then we played a game of Phase 10, as family favorite.

The next day we traveled back home.

This upcoming weekend, we have to take Winston to the vet for his checkup (always a treat for all of us as he hates his crate, hates the car, and hates the vet).  Later, we will be hitting up Ikea for some furniture ideas, and then heading to our friends’ house for game night.  You can see that I need to pick up a couple of items for the festivities.

There are the highlights from this week!


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