My Filofax Week: Introduction

I am joining in Paper Love Story’s “My Filofax Week.”  For those unfamiliar with the details, you can read about it about here.  Basically, it’s a glimpse into one’s planner by posting pictures of your current week.  Since I don’t use weekly inserts, I will choose a few of my daily pages to highlight each week.  My goal is to run a post in this series during the week.  I usually only get to post entries on the weekend, and I’ve been wanting to find the time to post during the week.  This series will allow me to do just that—it’s a quick enough post that I should be able to get a few pictures up and not make my readers wait a full week (sometimes more) before posting something new.  Most often, you can expect these posts on Thursdays, though they might appear on a different day depending on my schedule.  On the left-hand side of the blog, there is a “My Filofax Week” link that will allow you to see all posts in the series.  Additionally, I have a “My Filofax Week” set devoted to the series on my Flickr page.

Here is the first post in the series:

January at a glance

January 11, 2013 (1)
This photo shows what the previous weekend looked like.  I was off on Friday and so had many errands and tasks to do.  You can see the movable Martha Stewart labels—I use these for random information and reminders, most of which need to be moved from week to week.

January 11, 2013 (2)
This photo shows the list of errands I had to do, on the left.  This is a sticky to-do sheet from Russell + Hazel that I cut in half to fit the page (the original size is a little wider than the Filofax inserts).  On the right is the DayTimer Hot Sheet.  I use this for a running weekly list of things I have to do, home items in blue on one side and work items in black on the back.

January 14, 2013 (1)
This photo (and the few that follow) gives you an idea of how I organize my task lists for work.  The page on the left shows what I did yesterday.

January 14, 2013 (2)
The items on the sticky to-do sheet (again, Russell + Hazel) are items that I’ve completed and am awaiting approval for (in green) and that need to be printed (noted in red, either by writing it in red or marking it with a red check mark).

January 15, 2013
This is what “today’s” view looks like (in this case, specifically today, but this would be the view regardless of the actual day)—the current day is unobstructed by my printing list since that is on the previous day (if today was on the left, the sticky note would be on the right).  Also on the left, overlaying the printing list, the Hot Sheet with things that need to be done but that don’t have a specific due date. 

You can also see on today’s sheet how I divide up my work and personal items and the kind of information I make note of.  So, I note the weather (in blue since that’s considered a personal notation) in the upper right hand corner.  In the upper left is where I schedule what kind of exercise I will do (in purple) that day (what I do depends on my schedule for the week and when I can do other things, like a yoga class that is day and time specific).  Today I didn’t do yoga in the morning since I wasn’t feeling well—notation of that made as well.  I have my work hours in red.  My work to dos are written in black alongside the hours that I’ll be at work.  Personal to do items are in blue below the work items.

January 18 - 20, 2013
This is a shot of the upcoming weekend.  You can see that sometimes the movable sticky bubbles take over my page.

So here we have an introduction to the “My Filofax Week” series.  Hopefully I’ll be able to capture something a little different each week—we’ll see, as my weeks tend to look the same.  I hope you enjoy the series!  Be sure to check out Paper Love Story’s weekly posts, as well as posts of other bloggers who are taking part.


  1. I am very impressed at how many tasks you accomplish - I see them all ticked off! I have similar list of tasks but none are ticked off :( I must do better

    1. Well, you could say that I cheat a little. For things I don't do on a given day, I move to the next day (or one when I have time for the exact task) and cross them off the current day. This way I know that something has been done with it, even if it I wasn't completed.

  2. Love the Hotlist, use them all the time. I rather like the idea of bubbles taking over my page!

    1. Both items are great! I like the colorful bubbles on my pages, though sometimes I have to reposition them in order to write something down, and that can be annoying since they're difficult to peel up the first few times. But their use more than makes up for that. :-)


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