Filo On Location: Tampa, Florida

Last weekend, I attended a family gathering in Tampa, Florida.  We all had a great time—I was basking in the warmth, dreading coming home to snow and freezing cold temperatures (while I need and love my seasons, come mid-January, I’m already looking forward to spring and the warmer weather, especially when I get an early taste of it).

New to the travel scene was Beauford; of course, I got a few snapshots of his very first airplane vacation.  (He did not get wild and crazy—this time—as others have been known to do.)

Although a little shaky, I managed to get Beauford—in all his working glory (notice the papers sticking out of the top)—on the airplane with his complimentary snack.

Once we checked into the hotel and rested for a while, we took out some tourism brochures to see if we could plan something fun.

He even played nice with technology.

(Review of my awesome new iPad cover forthcoming.)

Although most of our time was spent with family as opposed to sightseeing, we were able to soak in some fun and relaxation.

First, we took advantage of the cool palm tree outside of our hotel.

We enjoyed some indulgences at Barnes & Noble—chocolate chunk cookie, peppermint mocha, learning about our (his) new friend iPad, catching up on some professional book reviews as well as celebrity gossip (every once in a while, one needs to read something mindless and trashy).  The boring financial magazine was not ours—our eyes (rings) glaze over at anything financial related.

While driving through a residential neighborhood, we came upon a flock of birds (we’re not sure what type of bird, but something we don’t see here in New York).

Our sister-in-law was a little skeptical that we could get a picture of Beauford and the birds together, but we did, though the quality isn’t that great.

Finally, we were able to steal away to the beach for a while.

Although it wasn’t incredibly warm (pleasant but by no means hot), Beauford was able to take off his shoes, walk barebinder in the sand, and bask in some much needed sun.  He didn’t even bother to put on a bathing suit, the rascal!  (For the record, this was not a nude beach—he just decided au natural was the better option.)

That was our vacation—a quick extended weekend jaunt to Florida.  Someday we’ll go back and hopefully get to experience downtown Tampa.  We’re currently working on our next adventure, yet to be decided.  Wherever it is, Beauford is ready to work the planning and travel process.  Here’s hoping it’s somewhere warm and sunny—and soon!


  1. So jealous of Beauford's secretarial pocket! And the trip to Florida, might I add...

    1. That Beauford, he's one handsome dude, I must admit. ;-)

  2. So clever!

    Last August I moved from Connecticut to Florida (about two hours south of Tampa) and just love it! if you ever come back, we could have a Florida Filofax meetup!

    1. Thank you. Yes, if/when I go back, I will let you know!


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