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We all know I love my bags.  But when you have numerous bags, it can be a challenge organizing and/or storing them.  I have a spare walk-in closet, as in there’s a walk-in closet in the spare bedroom.  We use this closet to store many things—my bags included.  (A tour of my walk-in closet is forthcoming.)  This is good because without this closet, I would not be able to store as many bags as I do.  With that said, I cannot buy another bag without first donating or selling one or two (or more if it were up to my husband) from my collection.

So how do I store my bag collection?  Well, there are two parts to my organization.  I use a shelf for my designer handbags—they are too big to store them the way I do tote bags.  I will get more into the shelf storage when I do my walk-in closet walk-through post. 

For the bags that I can easily store elsewhere, I’ve come up with a solution that involves—you’ve probably already guessed it—another bag.

Originally, I had a Rubbermaid-like drawer container where I kept my foldable bags (I don’t know the brand of the container I had).

This started to become a problem because it was full to the top and closing the drawer became a project in and of itself.

In addition, I kept promotional tote bags (free ones I’ve picked up along the way at fairs and conferences) inside my Vermont Country Store canvas tote.

My solution was to purchase a Thirty-one Gifts Super Organizing Utility Tote specifically for keeping my foldable bags.

There’s a ton of room on the inside…

…and pockets all around the outside of the bag.

It’s the perfect size for storing all of my bags.

It even zips closed to keep everything clean and dust-free.

The outside pockets came in handy for storing wallets and cosmetic bags.

I’m using the Vermont Country Store tote bag to hold additional tote bags and my Timbuk2 bags (they are heavy duty material, and although they do fold, they don’t fold down as easily as other fabrics).

I’m using a Lands’ End canvas tote bag to hold all of my promotional tote bags.

I still have way more bags than I need.  But at least now they are stored in a way that is easy to access.

*Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the products and/or companies listed above.


  1. That's perfect! I had a drawer of bags too, and I couldn't close it either. Somehow, my bags are now thrown on the top shelf of two different closets. Hmm, and I have totes inside of totes tucked (um, ok, shoved) in a coat closet. Tsk, tsk! I think I might have a new project to work on! :-)

    1. Sorry it took me so long to publish your comment.

      I never mind keeping bags inside other bags -- it works very well. But when I can't get to them in an orderly fashion, that's when things start to get ugly, lol.


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