Broken Today, Cool Things, and Good (Filo)keeping

Today’s post is a collection of random items.

1.  A Broken Today

I always use two Today markers in my Filofax—one to mark the current month and one to mark the current day.  Somewhere along the line, I received a clear ruler, which I use for the month.  In the past, I used a black ruler for the current day.  The idea here was that I could see through the clear one to the black one behind it, but if I had the black one first (I keep my monthly sheets before my daily sheets), I wouldn’t necessarily see the clear one behind he black one.  I don’t know if this is really true, but this is how my OCD brain works.  Eventually I bought a frosted ruler to replace the black one since I prefer the clear(ish) rulers to the solid color ones. 

Anyway, more often than not, I flip to my pages by using the bottom part of the today marker—with my thumb, I’ll flip the ruler itself to access whichever page I’m looking for.  The other day I did this with the clear ruler.  I didn’t think it was with any kind of force, but the ruler broke.

For whatever reason, the clear ruler is a thicker plastic than the black, brown, and frosted ones, and not at all pliable.  So I’m guessing this is why the ruler broke—not much give or bendiness.  Of course this had to happen after the New York City meet up, where I could have easily bought a new one.  Now I have to wait until I order my refills to get one (this will probably happen in August, so not too long to wait).  I’ll probably go with the frosted one so that this won’t (hopefully) happen again.  Of course, I could still use the top part of the broken ruler, but since I use the bottom part more often than not, I decided to move the frosted ruler to the monthly pages and use a black ruler for the daily page for now.

2.  Cool Things

I just received an email from Post-it brand.  They have a new Home Collection, which will be offered exclusively at The Container Store (I’m sure you can also purchase online).  Again, why this couldn’t have been announced before the meet up, I don’t know, as I could have jaunted to the store to check it out.  Oh well, I’ll just have to make a special trip to my “local” store (about 45 minutes away) to see the offerings.  I’m very excited about the shopping organizer, although the reminder tags, meal planning pads, and printed notes look equally as awesome.

I really need to get me to a Container Store.  Stat.

3.  Good (Filo)keeping—A Sighting

I was recently perusing the July issue of Good Housekeeping when I spotted a familiar sight:

Apparently, to keep herself organized, chef Sandra Lee uses a day planner, a planner that looks suspiciously like a Filofax.

Complete with an unbroken Today ruler, this Filo looks to me like a Metropol.  I’d love to see how she keeps herself organized, but I gather that’s not the point of the feature.  Maybe some day we’ll get the inside scoop.

**Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the products, companies, or personalities mentioned in this post.


  1. I use two rulers as well, but they're both black. A 1991 model (SO much better than the modern ones) came with my Sherwood and I fell in love with it instantly, so I hunted for another one until I found it. I'm considering switching to clear and/or frosted, though, so I can still see my entire month or week at a glance.

    1. I started with black rules as well. But I have switched to two frosted rulers for the same reason -- it allows me to see both my days and my months a little better. I have not found another thick clear ruler like above. The clear was better as being able to see what was underneath but the frosted and black are a little more pliable and hopefully won't break on me.


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