Sticker Winner!

A while back, J at The Crazy Life of J had a sticker give-away.  I believe she is contemplating creating stickers to sell in her soon-to-be Etsy shop and had a sample to send to the lucky winner.  I happened to be that lucky winner!

I’m so excited—thank you, J!

Here’s the lovely prize:

We have one “reminder” set and 2 “birthday” sets.  There’s also a sticker of a turtle and one of a whale.  Plus, J was kind enough to send me a clear yellow folder/pocket that fits perfectly in the personal binder.  And then there’s the personalized card she sent.

I’m not exactly sure how I will use all of the stickers, but I have an idea.

The whale and the turtle I would like to incorporate into my divider decorations somehow.  I have yet to embark on this project because I have yet to find the perfect accessories to use.  I’m not a flashy person, nor am I a flowery or “fashionable” person.  So while I want color and decoration, I don’t want it to be anything over the top or that isn’t me.  Stickers will work well if I can find some that I like—perhaps some owls or something nature-y/woodsy since that says a lot about me (hint, hint, J).  Plain colored paper will work well too, or maybe some stamps, though I am a little hesitant to buy stamps and ink for a (presumably) one-time only project.  But what I’m thinking is a combination—colored paper glued to the dividers themselves with stickers stuck on the paper.  We’ll see.  In any event, these stickers are a great place to start!

The birthday and reminder stickers will obviously be incorporated into my diary. 

While the best place for them would be the monthly layout, they’re just a little too big to put on a day’s box.

It’s probably doable, but being “just slightly OCD” I don’t know if I could handle the sticker overlapping with the next or previous box from the date intended.  Plus, I tend to fill up those boxes with written notes and reminders (because of their small size) that there probably wouldn’t be much room for a sticker.  So they will go on the daily pages instead.

You can see that I already have someone’s name on this date signifying their birthday.  I will still keep this format but just add the sticker to the top of the page.  This would allow me to put the person’s name at the bottom of the sheet, giving me back the to-do real estate it takes up.  I don’t like putting the person’s name at the top of the sheet next to the date itself because as a free-floating item, it can get sloppy, especially if I have more than one name to jot down.  We’ll see how I handle that next year.

I can pretty much do the same thing with the reminders:

I will probably add the stickers to the top of the page on days when I have to get something done, rather than just wanting to get something done.  The sticker will help me focus on important tasks for the day.

I’m very torn as to whether or not I should start using the stickers now or wait until 2013.  My OCD tendencies tell me to wait until next year so that every important birthday and reminder gets a sticker.  Plus, I may not have enough to get me through the rest of 2012.  What would I do then?  On the other hand, what good are they doing me by sitting unused in my storage binder?

What to do, what to do?

Perhaps by 2013, J will have her Etsy store up and running and I can purchase all the stickers I need for my upcoming year (no pressure, J!)…


  1. Stickers are great! And... don't be down on yourself. You are quite the fashion maven!

    As for the reminder/birthday stickers - it's only March 5. Start now and go backwards for the two months...anyone reading this will understand, and it's ok with us - we won't tell! ;)

    1. Lol, thanks for not telling on my backwards stickering. ;) I'll probably start with going forward and go backwards if I have stickers remaining.


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