Exciting Things

Despite the lack of time I have had lately, I have some exciting (to me) projects that I would like to work on.

I have dedicated a section in my Filo to myself, which came about as a result of an idea Laurie had. But upon further thinking about it, I decided to dedicate an entire binder to me. When I have a moment, I am going to set up this binder. I plan on using my personal Jade Finchley, which is currently sitting on a shelf awaiting use. I decided to use this binder for this purpose because I love the Finchley and because green is one of my favorite colors (yellow is also but I have yet to see a Filofax binder that is an acceptable shade). So this is a perfect fit for a “Me” binder. I have been brainstorming ideas as to what I will include in this binder. So far I have the following sections (subject to change at any time):

  • Health 
  • Yoga 
  • Resistance training
  • Races 
  • The “Me” Project (this includes the information under my current “Me” tab) 
  • Notes (includes goals and wish lists as well as some other random information) 
Obviously, once this binder is set up to my liking and in use, there will be an official blog post about it.

Another project I want to do is to create a library/media binder. I will use my personal Chocolate Classic binder for this purpose, also on the shelf awaiting use, mainly because it reminds me of something you might find in a personal library – brown, leather, classic, almost antique-ish. In here I hope to include the following sections (also subject to change):

  • Books of Interest 
  • Books to Recommend 
  • Favorite Authors 
  • Favorite Movies 
  • Favorite Music 
  • TV Shows of Interest 
This binder is mainly for reference. This idea came about because I was trying to remember the title of a book that I had checked out of the library once – I could tell you roughly what I was about but couldn’t remember the title or author or even what it looked like exactly. This is the type of title I would like to write down, in case I want to look for it again. Thankfully, I did find the book but it would have been a lot easier if I had written down the title to begin with. I don’t know what other ideas I will end up including, but the above are currently what I have in mind. Again, once this binder is set up and put into use, a blog post on this will also be necessary.

Finally, and the most exciting “project” of all is a meet-up between Yvotchka and me next Saturday. It is the first time that we are meeting. My husband and I will be in her neck of the woods on vacation and so we are taking the opportunity to meet and talk Filo! I’m super excited to finally be meeting her. We don’t have any Filofax stores here in the US but many retailers carry the products and to our luck, there is one right where we will be meeting!

One of things I hope to discuss with Yvotchka is the idea of a US Northeast meet-up. Since we are both in that region, it’s the area that we can focus on at the moment. I don’t know how many people might be interested, but it would be great to meet other people in this region as well. Then we can move on to the US and Canada in general, and then head over to London. We are both very sad to be missing the London meet-up in November. If only we all lived closer.

Ah, dreams.

Someday, my friends, someday…

(Of course, upon my return, a blog post on the meet up will appear.)


  1. Woot-woot!! Super psyched for our mini-meet up this weekend...and LOVING your idea about an entire Filo dedicated solely to you.

    ...I may have to steal that idea in fact. We can discuss on Saturday ; )

  2. You may steal it. Laurie said she might also - it's all good. In fact, I'm flattered that two of the best planner users I know want to use one of my ideas. =)

  3. Re the November meet up in London, I'm with you too - totally miffed we're missing. Maybe we should plan a road trip to the office of Filofax UK in Conneticut! Kanalt, I heard there might be a great Filo selection in the Huntington office supply store - I'm going to check out next weekend, and they take online orders! Have a wonderful time this weekend.

  4. Michele - Let me know how the selection is. If it's good, I'll have to make a trip. Thanks!


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