Behold! The Malden Arrives

After much anticipation and months of waiting, the Malden is finally available in the US. I have been waiting since August when I emailed Filofax asking them to carry this item. The pictures and posts from other people have had me wanting this binder with a vengeance.

On October 1 I checked the Filofax US website but didn’t see anything regarding the Malden. It was only a few days later when I saw Steve’s comment on Philofaxy that I realized it was available. I promptly headed over to the site to purchase it.

It arrived two days later. I’m very happy with it. I moved into it immediately. I was contemplating tweaking my system a bit but decided to keep things as they are. The front pockets hold any business cards I want to carry, a Filofax jot pad, and papers I need to have with me. I have not yet figured out what to put into the zippered front pocket – it can hold my pen but makes the binder bumpy. Maybe one day I’ll find a use for it. For now, it’s empty. The first item in the binder is the Filofax sticky note accessory. I love this thing. I love Post-its, so why would I not have it? My tabs are arranged this way. “Contacts” are for emergency numbers only – the remaining phone numbers are in my phone. “Health” is for anything health and/or exercise related. “Me” is a project that I’m currently working on. “Lists” is for shopping lists, blog and writing ideas, things to do, etc. “Diary” of course is for my calendar.

The only addition I made was to include a DayRunner note pad at the back. The Malden has a slot for such a note pad. This is one thing I’ve always missed with other binders, and so I had to add it. The paper size is the same as the personal Filofax pages, so if I decide to tear off a page and add it to my binder somewhere I can easily do that.

As the others have said before me, this binder lays flat, the leather is soft, and the pockets are great. My only wish is for a slightly larger pen loop so that my pen would fit inside. But what I am doing to make up for that is placing it inside the ring mechanism when the binder is closed. This works well as a substitute, though not the best – I need to remove it in order to turn the pages.

Since this purchase was a relatively expensive one, I am sending this pledge out into the Philofaxy community – I cannot (for my sake, my husband’s sake, and for the sake of my bank account) buy another planner for (dare I say it?) all of 2011. I’m sure that one day next year I will curse these words but that it my intention. I’m counting on you, readers, to reign me in should I mention the thought of another new planner.

On another note, I am planning on using two of my unused binders for special reference information. Look for posts on these in the coming weeks.


  1. I love your new filofax! It is great. Don't worry I shall hold you to your promise if you keep an eye on me too! I have gone from 2 filos to 9 in 2 months!
    It is almost that now that I know it is ok to have more than one I have indulged! No more filos!

  2. ROFLMAO...not going to buy another planner for all of 2011!!! neither!!! (laughs hysterically, wipes tear, maybe even pees a little)

    All kidding aside, great post & I'm psyched you adore your Malden : ) Band-aids fit nicely in the odd zip pocket at the front. And they won't make it bumpy either.

  3. CP - It's a deal - we'll keep each other in check.

    Yv - thanks for the support. ;) I didn't say I would succeed at it, just that's it's my intention. A girl can set goals, can't she? And that's why you all have to keep me in check - I don't trust myself, even with a declaration. Hmm, Band-aids. That's a good idea. I'll have to do that.

  4. It looks great :)

    Is the ban based on number of filofaxes or on cost? Because if you sold some of them, you'd have fewer...

  5. Susan,
    Great post... but I have to ask... was someone looking over your shoulder when you wrote that line about not buying another planner until 2012? Or did someone else write this post....!!!! Only kidding.

    Well I can't promise to not rave on about this Filofax or that one or this size or that one.... But I will promise to try and keep coming up with good ideas that makes the most out of the Filofax Organisers we all own, and may be we are underusing just a little... but without the need to go buying another one.. or more expensive accessories.

    Enjoy your Malden... it's also on my list of possible additions to the collection!

  6. Thanks Dasha. Mainly, right now the cost of the Malden is what prompted my decision. I am thinking of selling one of my binders - the rest are actually in use or will be - as reference binders, archived pages, and additional sheets. In the future, I may sell more but for right now, I'm keeping most of them, many of which were given to me.

    Steve, lol. No, no one was looking over my shoulder. It's just something I've been thinking about since wanting the Malden. I really should cut back, though the Malden was the first one I BOUGHT in 10 months. I am a little frightened of any new binders that may come along, since I'm sure there will be one or two that I'd want. But I could always ask for one for my birthday and/or Christmas or wait until 2012 to purchase.

  7. Great post, Susan! And you're very lucky you got it in only two days!
    I can understand your decision, as a matter of fact I also support you all way through!
    And you know what? Since you're loving your Malden a lot and by all the praises it's been getting, it will be much easier to stick to your decision for a longer time.
    And as you said there's always birthdays and Christmas!!!

  8. Thanks, Oni. In the US, when you spend more than $55 you get free shipping, which then comes via Fed Ex. They're really fast. When it's shipped via the US Post Office it can take a much longer time.

  9. Yey, I'm glad you finally got your hands on one and you're enjoying it! I shall remind you not to buy anything in 2011, but I bet you do anyway! I probably will too...

  10. Now I'm going to have to refrain just to show everybody I can do it. ;) Thanks, Millie.

  11. Congratulations on your Malden!! It's gorgeous!!

    And yes, we will be fully supportive of your non-planner-buying, but we will not judge you whatsoever if you succumb to temptation.

    I actually vowed not to buy another planner until at least January. That lasted less than a week. So, I am not one to cast judgment!!

  12. Thanks Laurie. I figured that if I made a declaration online I'd be more apt to follow through. Only time will tell... =)

  13. What about those top-secret new yet-to-be-announced planner models/colors from Filofax for 2011?! You think they'll be resistible? I for one am saving up in case one catches my eye (and luckily the Malden doesn't)!

  14. Petra, that is my one concern. We'll see what comes out, and of course if it's not available in the US, then it's a moot point anyway. But if there is something I want, I'll ask for it as a gift for something. =)

  15. Not tried my pen in mine yet and on the A5 only one pen loop, but on the left hand side.

    I was just looking back to see how 'black' yours looks compared to my grey one which looks black from certain angles and when photographed... it's very grey not black at all. But the black is very handsome.

  16. Yes, mine is very black in person. I like the look of the gray, but it's too similar in feel to the black for me. If I'm going to get another Malden for color, I need a bright and cheery color. I hope you enjoy yours!


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