Snow Day!

Here in New York we are under a blizzard warning until Thursday morning. Every school is closed for the day. Many people have stayed home from work. Last Saturday the forecast called for lots of snow and then nothing happened here on Long Island. So some of us were a little skeptical as to whether or not it would snow at all today. Thus far, we have a few inches and it’s currently stopped for a while. But this afternoon is supposed to be a lot worse – heavy snowfall, blustering wind, cold temperatures. So my husband, the cat and I are cozy in the house, curled up to a roaring fire.

Snow days are great; little winter surprises. And while we can predict the weather, we can’t always plan on an official snow day. Except that I did. When we were upgraded from a winter storm warning to a blizzard warning, we all pretty much knew that most of us would not have to go to work. With that in mind I made a small to-do for myself. Nothing big – after all, a snow day is supposed to be about relaxing and doing nothing, at least for me. But there are a few things I wanted to catch up on and today is as good a day as any.

To start, I reorganized my sock drawer, my hall closet and the junk drawer in the kitchen. Since I’m very organized to begin with, none of this took me very long – maybe an hour for all three things. But it was all something I’ve been wanting to do and something I’ve been lacking the time for. So today I made myself do something constructive, if only for an hour. At least this way I can relax the rest of the day knowing some household thing got done.

I still have a few other small items on my to-do list for the day. If they get done, great. But I don’t need to do them today. My main agenda is to stay warm, drink some tea, have some soup, watch a movie and above all else take a nap, one of my most favorite things to do.

Since I do have the time, however, I may just take a few minutes to reorganize my Filo. I’ve been thinking about doing this as well and it’s something I can do while watching the movie. There’s nothing like multitasking!