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Since finding the Philofaxy blog about a year and a half ago, I have read every entry and every comment and continue to do so. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was and am to find a group of people who are as nuts about planners as I am – maybe some of you more so than me, which I used to think was impossible. But upon “meeting” Laurie, I don’t think I’ve even begun to scratch the surface of the planner depths. =)

I keep a log of certain quotes from Philofaxers to read over once in a while – some are from main Philofaxy entries and some are from comments left by readers. They are just tidbits that strike a chord with me, parallel ideas that I have had at some point that someone else has put into words and written, ideas I didn’t have myself but agree with wholeheartedly.

This is an on-going list, but here is what I have so far (I have stated which entry/reader has posted these statements by providing links, giving credit to those who have written these beautiful sentiments – I hope this is okay but if you prefer I remove the quotes from this blog, please let me know):

“My relationship with the Filofax is in its infancy. My return to paper occurred in earnest only a couple weeks ago. But I have found there is very little on the internet in the way of planner-love. I know there are others out there, secretly laboring as members of my brotherhood. Planner-lovers, unite! You may be a devotee of Filofax, Day Timer, Day Runner, Franklin Covey, Exacompta, or wall calendars with photographs of puppies and kittens. It matters not. Rejoice in the experience of pen to paper. Rejoice in the use of alphabetic tabs. Rejoice in the critical decisions a planner maker must use: Week on a page? Week on two pages? Page-a-day? Notebook-size? Pocket-size? It's all glorious!” - In the Beginning

“That's what I like about the Filofax: It's not religious, it's not dogmatic. It's spirituality divorced from ritual. Filofax doesn't tell you how to chant your mantras or perform self-acupuncture. It is just pieces of paper in a nice binder, configurable in whatever crazy-ass way you want. My Filofax didn't even come with suggestions on how to put it together. It had a set of cryptically named tags, various kinds of forms and paper, and a binder. And the package said to me: ‘Take me, pillage me, do with me what you will.’ Filofax is spiritual, not religious. Filofax, for all its Euro-coolness, is hippie at heart. ‘Hey man, I'm here for you. Rearrange me. Fold me. Cut me into useful pieces. Put crap into my slots. It's all copasetic, man.’” - Faith In the System

“For a brief moment, I considered chucking my personal-size Filofax and going all A5. But how would I explain that to my wife? ‘Honey, remember how I spent more than $100 on a calendar mere weeks after you spent $10 on yours? Well, that's garbage now and I've bought an even more expensive system that will require the repurchase of all enclosures and inserts, and a weekend of time to transfer all my data into it. I love you.’  No way. She already thinks I'm insane. That would move me from insane to rabid and undesirable. So I'm coming to grips with my regret. Maybe next year, for my birthday, or for Christmas, I will ask for an A5-size system. And then I can proudly display it to my male co-workers, pounding my chest and throwing feces at them. Until then, I'll be keeping my ‘cute’ Filofax well below radar altitude.” - ‘Tis the Season for Regret

“But the promise of Filofax is fully realized only when it reflects the drudgery of life. Filofax nirvana -- pure Philofaxy -- is when the Filofax is a mirror of the user's life. It contains the entire user, nothing more, nothing less, nothing untrue.” - Filofax Nirvana

“My daughter thinks I need an intervention. A rehab for day book nut cases.” - Free for All Friday No. 18, Anonymous

“Oh I do so love my Filo. Bury me with it, when the time comes.” - The Sweetest Reunion, Chrys

“I consider my planner to be an extension of myself." - Continuing the Theme, Laurie


  1. I've had my Filofax for all of 4.5 weeks and I'm addicted! I've carried much bigger planners in the past and found them bulky and hard to lug everywhere. Not my Personal Classic Filofax in black. It goes everywhere with me and is exactly what I need right now.

    Love your blog

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it and that someone's reading it. =)

  3. Kanalt, This blog entry is perfect!!!! Keep up the great blogging!

  4. Kanalt, what a great collection of quotes! I think much of the appeal of Filofax is that they really do become a reflection of ourselves. Everything about them is our own choice: the binder size, style and color; everything we put into them, or not. Nothing is prescribed. Everything is under our own control. Even down to the state of it: neat and tidy, or a (semi-)organized wreck. It does reflect our personalities.

    I think that's why I'm so fascinated by the Filofax photos on Flickr: because someone's Filofax tells so much more about them than any off-the-shelf planner could!


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