Down the Rabbit Hole

I may have fallen down the rabbit Sparrow hole. Yes, I bought my first Chic Sparrow Traveler’s Notebook!  (I may have also bought my second and third, too, but let’s start at the beginning.)

I have known about Chic Sparrow for some time.  I don’t recall where I first heard of them, but most likely from Carie Harling’s blog and/or YouTube channel.  In any event, I have had my eye on these for quite some time.  However, having had Traveler’s Notebook fail in the past, I had refrained from jumping in.

Until this year.

For some reason, I just decided to order a Chic Sparrow.  I perused the options, and ended up with my choice.  In truth, I knew, even before I made my first purchase, that I’d be going back for more.  So it was really just a matter of choosing where to start.

So where did I start?  Let’s see…

I figured the best place to start was with my health journal.  I already had a green Moleskine set up for this, and I knew what else I wanted to include.  Green is one of the company colors for the health and wellness company that I’m affiliated with, which is why I chose green for the Moleskine.  So it made perfect sense for this to be my first one:

Upon arrival, your CS will arrive in a lovely dust bag.  This is great for storing your leather cover  when not in use.

I was floored at the beauty of my choice when I took it out of that dust bag.

This is the Deluxe Pemberley in Fern.

First, I opted for an inscription:

“What you focus on you become” is a well-known saying and philosophy for my wellness  company.  I wanted a quote that would speak to my health journey and the 30 pounds that I have already lost (a little more to go for me to reach my goal).  But this quote isn’t just about the physical goal; it’s also about a mindset that I wish to achieve.  So it was the perfect choice.  The font I chose for this is “Aubrey.”

When you purchase a CS notebook, you can choose between Classic and Deluxe.  The Classic is the cover with no extras.  The Deluxe comes with three cards pockets and one full-length pocket on the left, and a secretarial pocket and stitched pen loop on the right.

Here’s a close up of the left side…

…and the right.

The back of the notebook has CS’s imprint.

Both the Classic and Deluxe offer 4 strings, allowing for 4 smaller notebooks, up to one inch thick (check out CS’s size guide for more details).

In this particular cover, I have two ruled Moleskine cahiers and the classic ruled green notebook (hardcover).

The cahier on the left (the front book) is set up for my half-marathon training (yes! I signed up for a half-marathon, which will take place in September—details to come!).

The first two-page spread has a map of the route we will be running.

And the following page has a sample training schedule, which I will have to start in June.

The pages following I have a list of days and dates of my running sessions, as well as a breakdown of the route I ran, how many miles it is, and how long it took me.  This gives me an idea of what I need to work on in terms of distance and speed.

The right notebook (the back one), is dedicated to my health and wellness company, which contains meeting notes, random information, and my progress on a mindset training program they offer.

The green classic notebook is a record of my weight each week, a running list of weekly exercises, and notes on how I felt during the week.  This notebook isn’t tethered to one of the bands, but rather just sits (perfectly, I might add!) between the two cahiers.

All three notebooks sit snugly bundled together when the outside band is secured around the cover.

I absolutely LOVE this traveler’s notebook cover.  The leather is pebbly and such a gorgeous soft green.  Chic Sparrow is a wonderful company that offers beautifully handmade products, right here in the United States, which I love.  And upon purchasing, they just might throw in a few extra goodies, too.

As I briefly mentioned above, this first purchase is just the beginning of a new organizational love!  Did I buy more?  Yes!  Will I still buy more?  Yes!  I have a pretty good list going of all the CS goodies I eventually want to buy.

More to come…

**Note: I am in no way affiliated with any of the companies listed above.  I have not received compensation for writing about their products.  I am merely a happy customer of these companies and enjoy their products.


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