2019 Focus Points

I said that I didn’t want to name goals for the New Year.  So I’m not.  Rather than calling them goals, I’m calling them focus points.  I don’t want to set a goal that I may or may not achieve, given my unsettled life at the moment.  That’s too much pressure for me for right now.  Calling them focus points allows me to name some things I want to work on without the (self-imposed) pressure of reaching a specific end point or finish line.  So I guess I’m making resolutions rather than goals, though I don’t want to call it that either because it makes things more “official.”  Trying to keep things light and flexible is where I’m at right now. 

I have been thinking a lot about what I want for this upcoming year and for my life in general.  I don’t want to list big long-term, life-changing goals just yet.  I am starting small and what unfolds from there is anyone’s guess.

So what’s on my list?

·       more me (putting what I need first)
·       more writing, both personally and in terms of this blog (I have a lot to write about!)
·       more reading, both fiction and non-fiction
·       more exercise
·       more nature
·       more dancing
·       more faith, both in myself and in general
·       more truth, as in speak my truth
·       more yoga
·       more solo trips and personal experiences
·       meet new people
·       let go of people who don’t want to be held on to (very difficult for me)
·       let go of things not meant for me (also difficult)
·       stop reading into things and assigning meaning (things don’t happen for a reason)
·       less social media
·       let go of toxic people and situations
·       try something new (unnamed as of yet)
·       trust (but don’t do it blindly)
·       find hope in daily situations, communication, and interactions

I’m sure I will add items as they come up as well as alter these just a bit as time goes on.  My next step is to add these to one of my bullet journals (more to come on this) so that I can keep track of the progress I’m making.

It’s not a huge list, nor is it impressive by any means, but it’s where I need to start.

I’m still not looking forward to the New Year.  But at least I have a little more focus of where I need to head and what I need to concentrate on.

Here’s to (reluctantly) turning the next page….  May 2019 be just a little easier than 2018….


  1. These all sound good! I'm focused on feeling better at the end of the year, I am hobbling around on a wobbly knee and a sore foot, with poor posture and just kinda feel crappy. Not sure what I need to do, but planning to try dance, maybe yoga, swimming, pilates, even just daily stretching. Small stuff but like you I don't want to feel tied down to specifics right now.

    1. Ugh, I'm so behind in answering you! Thank you so much! Oh no, I hope you feel better soon! I had issues with my knees a while back, went to the physical therapist and got some exercises from him. Now I do those when I need to. Same with hip exercises, but that comes from sitting too much. Sometimes it's better just to try a few different things and see what works. Specifics can be... limiting. :)


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